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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Animal Collective: Totally Tweet!

Posted By on May 14, 2009, 12:19 PM

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Last night, I saw Animal Collective, or The Band That Can Do No Wrong at Terminal 5 in Manhattan. Rather than giving a wordy recap adorned with praise, I intended to "live tweet" the concert. That way: 1) my massive audience would get real-time experience of being at the show, 2) you don't have to read another regurgitated post saying the same thing, 3) I can hilariously drain a little more out of the music journalism credibility-pool.

Note: Since I don't have a fancy super phone, I had to tweet the old-fashioned way: on a pad of paper with a pen. My notes... er, Tweets sound like I had a very terrible time, but I blame the angry-beer sold at the bad venue. Animal Collective were actually quite good.

My "tweets":

- What?! 7 bucks for a beer? Terminal 5 sucks.

- Well, there goes 28 bucks.

- Opener Grouper played for 20 minutes before I realized someone was onstage.

- Avey Tare's hat is stupid.

- They opened with a song from the first album. Everyone's confused.

- Some girl just updated her Facebook during "My Girls." Ugh, something about adobe walls.

- Playing most of M. Post Pavilion. They obvi want to put on a 9.6 performance.

- Nice use of laser sounds. They're so progressive!

- "Fireworks!"

- ...Fireworks...

- ... 15 min later: Fireworks.

- Wish they played "Rev Green."

- Closer: "Brothersport"

- Probably shoulda been high.

There you have it. And they say Twitter is useless.

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