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Monday, May 11, 2009

Wanda Syked!

Posted By on May 11, 2009, 2:35 PM

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The Washington Correspondents Dinner was amusing to watch and less embarrassing than the last one of the Bush Administration when they did a video of Bush running around the Oval Office looking under furniture and behind pillows moaning to his dog Barney that he couldn't find any WMDs.  Not funny. Trying to make a joke out of a war he started for no good reason and disrespecting the thousands of soldiers who gave their lives and limbs in Bush's misbegotten quagmire.

This year's dinner had Obama do an admirable job of joketelling, a lot of which was self deprecating and funny.  He not only made fun of himself but his children, wife, treasury secretary and any of a bunch of candidates who failed to get past the application process for job status in the administration.

Wanda Sykes was the professional comedy relief for the show, and she would not have been my first choice.  Some of her material was amusing and some of it was not.  But her comments about Rush Limbaugh has brought a storm of complaints that she was being vicious and over the top using Limbaugh's own words that he hoped Obama would fail to joke that she wished his kidney's would fail.  I have to admit, I laughed, and considering the vicious diatribe that goes on three hours a day from this bloated, drug-addled gasbag, I don't think that kind of joke deserves the phony outrage it has gotten.

Now if you want to see just how out of touch the Republicans are when it comes to having a sense of humor, you should have watched the Dick Cheney on Face the Nation telling Bob Schieffer that he would rather follow Rush Limbaugh than Colin Powell when it came to politics!  

Dick Cheney just cemented his place in history by hitching his political wagon to a buffoon radio clown with a drug problem than to one of the most respected members of the armed services who has risen to the highest ranks in the nation.  This proves that Dick Cheney must be doing self waterboarding using vodka.  The walking, talking, breathing epitome of evil seems to be reveling in his role. As Wanda said, Cheney has a new book coming out: How To Shoot Friends and Influence People.

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