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Monday, May 4, 2009

Maybe God's Pissed

Posted By on May 4, 2009, 12:27 PM

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In 1979, Bob Ryan of NFL Films, coined the phrase “America’s Team” for the Dallas Cowboys. For obvious reasons, this made the Cowboy haters hate them more, and rabid Cowboy fans even more irritating when they repeated the holier than thou tag line.  

The old Cowboys stadium had an open air roof, which Dallas fans also used as an arrogant misnomer saying that the hole in the roof was for “God to watch his team play.” Ya, I know, Cowboy fans. Unfortunately for me, I have several good friends who are Cowboy fans, who are otherwise really good, stand-up people. So the Dallas fan thing is forgivable in some cases.

The whole “God’s Team” may have gone too far though, because as football fans, we also believe in the “Football Gods.” It’s the reason the Patriots didn’t go 19-0. It’s called football karma. It seems God may be pissed that the Cowboys tore down the old stadium with his “view from heaven” and replaced it with a new modern one.

Saturday afternoon, twelve people were hospitalized after a sudden thunderstorm with gale force winds demolished the Dallas Cowboys' indoor practice facility during rookie camp.

Wreckage from the 85-foot-tall white structure, was strewn across the ground, along with TV and football equipment, and giant blue star atop the building lay crumpled on the ground… no damage, however, to any adjacent buildings or property. In fact no damage at all except directly on the Cowboys bubble covered enclosure.

Maybe God wanted to watch practice.

Or maybe he just has the swine flu.

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