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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Reality TV Suckage

Posted By on April 9, 2009, 1:43 PM

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Fox has finally done it ... taking "reality TV" to new lows.  Their latest offering will be a show about some small company who is struggling with 20 to 30 employees and to cut costs will have to lay somebody off.  The hook for Fox is that the owner or boss will not do the deed but leave the decision of who gets canned to the employees themselves.

Gosh, kids, get the popcorn ready because it's almost time for Fox's somebody's-going-to-get-screwed show. They are not revealing any details about the financial arrangement with the company, but it is safe to say that if they paid the company for its participation in such a show, it probably wouldn't have to lay anyone off.  That's beside the point.  

Just think of how entertaining it is to sit there and watch as you know someone on this show will join the ranks of the unemployed and have to clean out their desks while their former fellow colleagues hide in their cubicles or bathrooms to avoid eye contact the with person they just voted to go home and tell their wife/husband/dog/parakeet/next door neighbor that their out of a job.  The neighbor just might have been watching and will shun his neighbor until their house is foreclosed on and they are forced to move in with a reletive.

I don't know how far down Fox will sink to come up with stupid reality shows that cost them virtually little to produce but can "Death Bed, Who's Next" be far behind.  They can even have Simon Cowell and Paula Stoned to give their take on the condition of people wired up and sucking their last breaths.  Brings a whole new meaning to, "Seacrest Out"!

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