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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Enchanted: It's a Gay Thing

Jeff Zeleny's multipart "surprising/troubling/enchanting/humbling" question at Wednesday evening's press conference was unusual. But I liked it a damn sight better than most of the corps' predictable, didn't-we-ask-this-eight-years-ago queries.

Hongo de Rodillo!

Apparently, this IS another publication in town that dares cover local roller derby: Ahora Utah, a Spanish newspaper, filed this story on the Salt City Derby Girls this week. Roughly translated, a fine piece--especially with lines that come through in English as "Roller Derby is fashionable in many girls 'army jackets' of Utah" and  "the girls dressed and painted of gaudy form." I kid ... because I'll probably be working the Gringo Beat for Ahora eventually ...

Richard Buckner at The State Room

We're so excited to see this artist perform, we featured him in last week's issue! If you haven't checked out The State Room yet, tonight is the perfect opportunity to do so.

HealthWatch: Bow for Health

A press release sent by George Russell of Huntsville, Texas, may hold the key to avoiding the Coughing Pig Death. Excerpt follows:

New York Dolls Headed To SLC

New York Dolls will headline The Depot May 30 I caught the legendary glam punk rockers at SXSW in March, and though they were playing a day show - the Rachel Ray party, no less - original members David Johansen and Sylvain Sylvain still managed to evoke CBGB's on stage.

Starfucker Double Header

One of Circus Brown's favorite acts is coming to town tonight for not one but two performances guaranteed to spark a couple of serious dance parties. Their recordings are pretty good, but this is definitely a band whose appeal skyrockets in the flesh.

The Flu That Dare Not Speak its Name

The World Health Organization is no longer using the term "swine flu" for fear the term is apt to get pigs slaughtered. Here is a picture of that cute little pig from the movie Babe:

The Digital Macarena

By the way, you can follow City Weekly at ...

Good Movies, Utah

It was the summer of 2005. George W. Bush was still president, and we weren't even worried about avian flu yet, to say nothing of swine flu.

Crystal Antlers: Noise, Glorious Noise

For those who prefer their live shows cranked to 11, please to enjoy the following show tonight at Kilby Court. 7:30 p.m.

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