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Monday, March 23, 2009

Biggest Losers

Posted By on March 23, 2009, 2:17 PM

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I could just post an easy list of losers, like.

#1 Rock of Love's Brett Michaels.
#2 ALL Utah Mens College Basketball teams.
#3 ALL Rock of Love skanks, I mean contestants.
But that is clearly too easy.

Let's go with NCAA Mens Tournament Losers. Besides Utah, Utah State and B-Y-Ewww?

Don't cry Utah fans, the truth is you beat up on a truckload of nobodys, then can't play when you run into any somebodys. Wow my English teacher is cussing me out in my head and rolling over in her grave at the same time.

How about Wake Forest, (24-6) former #1 team in the country with big wins over North Carolina and Duke?
ADIOSED by Cleveland State.

How about West Virginia? Big East, big coach, big talker...

KIBOSHED by the Dayton Flyers.

Oh, that's right, Bob Thuggins is WV's coach. Surprised they didn't get another DUI on the way to the stadium or land in jail before tip off. "Don't you know who I am? You can't arrest me!!"

Then of course there's Illinois... the Fighting Illini (24-9) #2 seed in the Big Ten (aka Big 10 cream puff)

BEAT DOWN by Western Kentucky. Who knew??

Uhhhh... lots of people. They were even warned on several national TV sports hack shows that they would have a hard time beating the Hill Toppers from WK.

Have I mentioned how weak and over rated Big 10 basketball is yet?

I bet they kick ass at golf though.


Well, me for starters, I am winning 5 brackets (never mind how many I am losing)
Actual winners?

How about the Big East Conference with 5 teams advancing to the sweet 16?

I'm no rocket scientist, but...  Better basketball teams beating crappy ones.


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