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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Dixie Cups & Wonder Bread

Posted By on March 22, 2009, 10:40 PM

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Big Love's excellent Season 3 finale was more a satisfying wrapup than a cheap cliffhanger--which shows the respect its writers have for its faithful viewership. As a member of the flock, I must say I'm grateful and, as usual, stoked for next year's season. (Oh, will it ever come? Yes, Heavenly Father and "network sources" have willed it.)

Apart from Lois (Grace Zabriski)--who, as far as I'm concerned, makes the whole show and should become the focus of whole episodes--my new favorite nonprincipal character is Selma Green (Sandy Martin), the mannish wife of rival Mormon polygamist prophet Hollis Green (Luke Askew) and, I believe, also the sister of Roman Grant's (Dean Stanton) sister. In case Mark V. Olsen ever glances at this, I, for one, am eager to learn much more about her in Season 4.

Since, apparently, "spoilers" are now punishable by public caning, I'll keep my remarks on the episode brief and enigmatic without revealing the big, big surprise:

  • I was struck by Lois' advice to Joey (Shawn Doyle) about how his spiritual disconnection was the result of his own grief and fear. This may be the most profound statement of personal faith Lois--and perhaps anybody on the show--has ever made.
  • I was surprised that, after 25 church-free years, I was able to recite along with Bill (Henrickson/Paxton) The Blessing on the Sacrament. Of course, I had a bit of a stumble where the writers combined the two blessings for the bread and the "water," into one--but their decision was a good one from a narrative standpoint, considering that the two are formally identical. (Doing a compare/merge in MS Word, character by character, the two blessings are 74.8% identical by my calculations. The differences are instructive: They seem to deal with symbolism associated with bread/body/willingness vs. "wine"/blood/ability.)
  • Alby (Matt Ross) may not be quite the villain I'd always thought. Oh, sure, he's evil. But at least he provides a valuable service for truckers at rest areas (keeping America on the go!) and, somehow, the presence of sister Nikki (Chloe Sevigny) on the compound brings out the best/worst in him--I think the two of them could together turn that compound into a going concern like nobody's business.
  • Of course, that's unlikely to happen. The final scene between Bill and Nikki made me so excited, I grabbed Dave's arm and made an exuberant noise. (I don't think I can transliterate it--something like "emmrrmmhrrmm!!!") Its meaning was clear enough: Thanks, writers!

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