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Tuesday, March 3, 2009


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[image-1] If Sen. John Valentine, R-(ridiculous) Orem, has his way, the partition you find in restaurants called laughingly the "Zion Curtain" will be replaced with "Great Walls of Utah." I knew that any attempts to normalize Utah's liquor laws would be met with some arched eyebrows, wagging fingers, teeth gnashing and hand-wringing, but this latest booze nooze is a real knee slapper.

Valentine, with the prodding of Sen. President Mike Waddoups—who thinks Chili's is a single bar, would have any public restaurant that has an alcohol license erect a 10 foot wall to keep the liquor and any drink preparation from the innocent eyes of any children who might be having lunch or dinner with their parents. Ten feet high! If we really want to protect the children I suggest they include razor wire and glass shards on top of the wall in case any toddler attempts to scale the barrier. Let's not forget soundproofing so the clinking of glasses and pouring of booze not be heard by the innocents.

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