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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

One Newspaper Town?

Scratching your head over why The Salt Lake Tribune keeps running stories about how newspapers are failing? This might be a clue.

Ragnar Rocks

There's a reason to run a preview of a race like the Wasatch Back several weeks before it's going to be take place: If you don't, it might be too late for anyone to join in. Updating this week's City Weekly feature, organizers have announced that there are no more registration spots available for the 2009 Ragnar Relay Wasatch Back, scheduled for June 19-20.

In Which Tom Says He Enjoyed the Governor's Bill-Signing Party

Last night at the New Yorker Governor Jon M. Huntsman Jr. had one of the most interesting bill-signing parties the State of Utah has ever seen.  It was a very public gathering to witness the signing of the new Liquor Bill that finally rids the State of it's archaic Private Club law!!!� All the media were there, along with members of the Legislature who carried he bill through the process, and after wrangling behind closed doors came to a compromise to finally "Legalize Adulthood" in Utah and hopefully put to rest the age-old perception that you can't get a drink in Utah.  Along with the Gov. was Jack Galavin, who for eons has pushed for this as well as members of the hospitality industry who have wanted to see this change as well.�

Dead Port: Week 8

Dead Goat: Week 117

Dead Zephyr: Week 281

Race Out and Rent

Sigh. Slumdog Millionaire is out on DVD today.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Shaken AND Stirred


Have a Nice Day

I swear, I am not trying to drag all of my friends into my blog, it’s just coincidence… really… I do have my own life outside of sports… really.Have you noticed how much play the word “really” is getting?Anyhow, my friend Gale (who I have on occasion called “my boy”) has a favorite expression. “Have a Nice Day.” I know you’re thinking that it’s been around for EVER, but hold for a second.

Roller Derby: Cleavers Spank Sisters 131-107

The Salt City Derby Girls’ 2009 roller derby season began with a bang Saturday night at the Salt Palace in downtown SLC: Two hours of fast, hard-hitting (and penalty-ridden) action in front of hundreds of new and veteran derby fans. The Leave It to Cleavers (SCDG’s 2008 Champions) took an early lead over the Sisters of No Mercy, who wrestled it back more than once.

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