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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Subrosa's Return & Old Timer

Posted By on December 18, 2008, 10:15 AM

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Last week you saw the interview with SubRosa for City Weekly, talking about the band's European tour and new lineup. But this past Wednesday was the first chance us locals got to see the band live in its new formation.

--- Live at Burt's Tiki Lounge over on State and 7th South, the band performed their first show since returning. But I've already chatted with them for this show, so this interview focuses on the other bands billed for the evening. Unfortunately, Muscle Hawk pulled themselves out of the show just as it had been announced, leaving the evening for two bands and one interview. I got a chance to talk with blues-metal band Old Timer about how they got together, thoughts on music in general, their live album and some other topics that came up. Not to mention pictures of both bands from the evening!

Old Timer (Josh, Maxx, Dave and Matt)

Gavin: Hey guys, first off, tell us who you are and a little about yourselves.

Maxx: I'm on vocals, Dave plays bass, Matt plays guitar and Josh is on drums. We've been playing together for about a year. We are all big into skateboarding and destroying brain cells, science fiction, the occult, and conspiracy theories.

Gavin: Who were some of your favorite acts and musical influences growing up?

Dave: We all grew up on Punk, Classic Rock and a bit of Grunge. Adolescents, Reagen Youth, The Clash. Sabbath, CCR, Lynard Skynard, Hendrix, Nirvana.

Gavin: How did you get together and decide to form Old Timer?

Dave: I wanted to start a "Stoner Rock" band for about three years and couldn't get anyone to play that type of music with me. Maxx was always into it but he doesn't play an instrument so until our friend Matt's band broke up (The Handsome Sandals) I was writing songs alone. Then when Matt was free I convinced him I didn't want to play "Drone" and he started writing with me. Maxx started to write lyrics and the three of us played without a drummer for about three months. We finally found a drummer in a new found friend Josh who we were skeptical of seeing as he had been drumming for only six months.

Gavin: What inspired you to incorporate blues-like tracks into metal driven songs?

Josh: Well Dave and Matt were coming up with old style blues licks, I have been into faster drumming due to other projects that I am in. So when we started playing I hadn't had much slower drumming experience so I just kind of ran with what I was working with.

Gavin: You guys recently recorded a live album. Where did the idea come from to do one, and why the old tombstone factory?

Dave: Our friend Eric Hensley heard us practicing and said he wanted to record us and would do it free of charge. We talked about how we would do it and thought live would be the quickest and easiest so he came to our practice  space with his Pro Tools set up and a couple of mics. I supplied the rest of the mics from my jumble of shit and we went for it. The reason we recorded at "The Old Tombstone Factory" is we practice there, its also where I work and practice with my other bands.

Gavin: What was it like going through the set list and recording it?

Matt: We had four songs at the time and ran through them each two or three times. We came up with an intro on the spot and made a few changes to the songs and called it good enough, so it was pretty relaxed.

Gavin: The whole album was a DIY project. Did you wish you had some help or a label to put it out on, or do you prefer doing things that way for the creative control?

Maxx: We enjoy doing things our own way and not having to much money it gave a sense of accomplishment to put out this demo by ourselves.  I wish we were able to distribute our music better and a label would certainly help with that.

Gavin: What was the public reaction like when you put it out?

Maxx: Three dead at a 4AM door buster sale at Wal-Mart! 25 out of 50 handcrafted limited edition demos left. Come and get them.

Gavin: You're unsigned right now. Are you looking for a label, or will you continue to be independent?

Maxx: Bring on the label, help us tour.

Gavin: Are there any plans in the works for another album right now?

Matt: We haven't stopped writing music, and we hope to self release a four song studio EP in the spring. We are hoping to press it on vinyl.

Gavin: A little state-wide, what are your thoughts on the local music scene, both good and bad?

Matt: I think that the local scene is what keeps me going, there's a lot of good local bands here, which in turn that can be a bad thing when your trying to get noticed.

Maxx: It's great to see a lot of "Stoner Rock" bands playing, and a great opportunity to play with bands I love, there has definitely been a drop in good punk bands.

Gavin: Is there anything you believe could be done to make it better?

Maxx: I wish there was more than just bar shows that I wanted to go to. Someone needs to start a new Divercity.

Josh: Kids need to be able to get into venues where liquor is served! Most the time they just want to see the band not get wasted. I know that I have missed a lot of great shows due to that! It's a sad state of affairs.

Gavin: Who would you say are the best acts in our scene now?

Dave: Iota, All Systems Fail...

Maxx: SubRosa, Xur, Invaders.

Gavin: Moving to the music industry, tell us what your thoughts are on it in general and the current state it's in?

Maxx: It's doing great if Emo is what gets you going. I think as long as the mainstream music scene keeps putting out the shit they are now it just helps the underground and independent musicians strive to do better.

Dave: I don't give a fuck about it. The will always be labels that put out music in every genre and if bands are serious enough they will find a label in there genre that's willing to release there music and if that fails they should release it themselves.

Gavin: What do you think of the current trends in music that are getting radio play today?

Josh: I don't know. I tend to listen to my iPod or a record. I think if I had to pick a station it would be Movin' 100.7! There tunes rock!

Dave: I only listen to KUER for NPR and that sweet nighttime jazz. If I can't take the news I will listen to KRCL, but that's it.

Maxx: I think the current trends are awful. Other than the small percentage of decent 90's bands who's songs are slowly turning into classics.

Gavin: What's your opinion on file sharing and how it affects you as a musician?

Dave: We all love file sharing and will keep it up as long as possible. We do however buy albums, vinyl mostly, of any music we really like that we have already pirated to support good music and for the aesthetic quality.

Gavin: What can we expect from you guys over the next year?

Dave: Like Matt said before we plan to record another demo of our more current gems and release it ourselves. At that point we will start shopping around for labels and start talking about setting up a tour. Other than that we will be at your local drinking establishment, kickin' out the jams.

Maxx: T-shirts and coozies!

Gavin: Is there anything you'd like to promote or plug?

Dave: Old Timer.
oldtimertheband@gmail,,, .My other bands The Radio Rhythm Makers and Salt Lake Wale Fisher. Our recording engineer Eric Hensly and Jiperton Productions:

Maxx: All the bands we have had the pleasure of playing with. Burt's Tiki Lounge, our fans, friends and Pabst 30's.

Josh: My other band Reservation At Dorsia.


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