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Monday, September 29, 2008


With sexual crimes on the rise both locally and nation wide, one Utah group is making a stand against the trend by providing an educational resource to the community.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

In The Loop: 9/27/08. Christmastime Is Here? Seriously?

To kick things off, let's take a look at the latest addition to the 337 Memorial Wall.--- Speaking of 337, this week Adam and his band of misfit artists will be showing a brand new project this Friday.  The Urban Gallery will be shown off at Neighborhood House at 7PM.  I'll be chatting with Adam later this week about it, so be on the lookout for that.  Also while we're on the subject of art, I stopped into Poor Yorick's Studio last night to check out their final event of the year.  As usual everyone was very nice and up for talking and showing off their work.  Some new faces and some familiar ones taking off.  I took over 200 pictures of the artists and their work for you to view, like this one from below.Also, I played witness to a disturbing site this past week.  On Tuesday I was with a friend at a box store (that I'm not going to name because I'm not giving them a free namedrop) to pick up some tacky lamp for his place.  And behold, what did we find at the store, but this sight...Okay, this isn't my photo, I wish I had taken a picture now, but you get the idea.  The rest of the year has now been tainted for me because it is official...

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sego Festival

For the past couple years a brand new festival has been taking shape down in Provo, showing the city to the south can put on a local showing like anyone else.--- The Sego Festival hits this weekend, taking over two different part of Provo on each day. Friday will be a business included street party down University Avenue in downtown Provo, while Saturday will take place up at the Rock Castle Amphitheater.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Circus Brown

Going back just a decade ago, it was almost impossible to find anything from a local artist getting played on any radio station. Flash forward to today and you can find locals more than half of the stations in the state, and a good majority of that trend can be traced back to one man. --- Circus Brown has been playing local music during his Not A Side Show shift on KRCL since 2002, influencing both the music scene and the trends of commercial stations, and giving us listeners an opportunity to hear the best of what our state has to offer from the radio dial.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

September Stroll: Sandi Olson & Catherine Darling Hostetter

Back to Gallery Stroll I go, making my way to the west side of Broadway for a dual show held in an old gallery with a new location.--- Palmer’s Gallery played host in its new location across from Pioneer Park for this past Friday's stroll, showcasing two artists in their main gallery.  The conceptual oil work of Sandi Olson, and the whimsical water color paintings of Catherine Darling Hostetter. I got a chance to step in on Friday night to take some pictures, and also chat with both artists about their work, thoughts on local art, the Stroll, and some other topics.Sandi OlsonGavin: Hey Sandi.  First off, tell us a little bit about yourself.Sandi:  I am originally from New England.  I started painting about 15 years ago and work in traditional watercolors, mixed media and oils.  I have a studio in Rockwood Art Studios, Sugar House, where I paint and teach classes.  When I'm not painting, I'm gardening, mountain biking, road cycling, playing tennis, skiing--aaah, the life of an indulged artist!Gavin:  What first got you interested in doing art for a living, and what were some of your inspirations?Sandi:  A friend got me involved in a watercolor class.  I never expected to do anything much more than take classes, but within a year I had been accepted into the Springville Salon!  And then another show.  That inspired me to enter more shows and, as a result, paint more.  My inspiration and motivation still comes from having shows, festivals, galleries, or other venues.Gavin: Did you take any education for what you do?Sandi:  I have no degree in art and have always considered myself a "poor" student.  I seem to be very resistant to "learning" art from anyone.  I have dropped out of many learning situations--including my first classes with my friend!  But there have been two events that were spring boards for me--Summer Snow at Snow College in Ephraim, and the Intensive Studies Seminar in Taos, NM.   In Ephraim I learned all the "rules," and in Taos, I learned to throw them out!Gavin:  For those unfamiliar with your work, what are you most known for in the local art community?Sandi:  I don't know what I'm most known for in the local art community!  I'd like people to know me for my newer creative process which is a unique, gesso-based style.  It's conceptual and a bit more abstract and is based on people, dance and music.  All my work is from my head (conceptual), and I seldom use reference material.Gavin: A lot of the paintings I’ve seen from you are more outdoors and wildlife.  What inspired you to do that kind of artwork?Sandi:  The outdoors and wildlife themes you refer to must be traditional watercolors I've done in the past.  For many years I painted things to sell at the Farmer's Market so I painted sheep, cows, landscapes.  I also create horse paintings in the gesso-based, abstract style.  Inspiration for those came because I had a festival in Bozeman and needed appropriate themes.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Farmer's Market

Every Sunday during the summer, Pioneer Park goes from being an uncertain part of the downtown landscape to being one of the biggest cultural centers of the state.--- Farmer’s Market brings the best in produce and freshly made food from around the state all to Downtown SLC (and other points around the state), giving people the chance to buy local foods and beverages and experience many different events and music on a Sunday morning.  I got a chance to chat with Kim Angeli, the Special Events Director of the Downtown Alliance about Farmer's Market, the Alliance itself, her thoughts on the local scenes, and some other topics that came to mind.Kim Angeli Hey Kim.  First off, tell us a little bit about yourself, and how did you first get involved with the Downtown Alliance? Kim: Originally from the east coast, I found my way to Utah 17 years ago.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


With a recent move to Sugar House and plans to expand their offices, one local publication is showing that print is definitely not dead.  In fact, business is better than ever. --- QSaltLake has become not only the ultimate publication for the gay community in Utah, but has managed to make itself one of the most anticipated publications for the public in general.  Expanding like no local gay publications has before it, and attracting both a gay and straight audience with articles that rival the major papers.  I got a chance to stop by their new offices (still under construction) to take pictures, as well as talk to Owner/Editor Michael Aaron about the magazine and its history, his history here in Utah, and some of the things Q is doing these days.  Due to time constraints, he wasn't able to answer all my questions.  But if the time ever comes, we'll revisit and post the rest of the questions I had for him!Michael Aaron Gavin: Hey Michael.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Cascade Games

One of the highlights to playing card games is the chance to play in a tournament against the best of the best.  And there's one Northwest company that's making it possible for Utah players to prove their the best--- Cascade Games has been setting up tournaments across the majority of the western United States for a few years now, giving locals a chance to gather and play in major gaming tournaments for prizes and chances to move onto bigger tournaments around the world.  I got a chance to chat with Managing Partner Tim Shields about the company, the tournaments they hold, his thoughts on gaming, and some other topics that came to mind.Tim Shields Gavin: Hey Tim. First off, tell us a little about yourself.Tim: What’s to say.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

In The Loop: 9/13/08. Pink Fuzzy Cowboy Hat

Random stuff from me, been busy with my own things at home and running around. Have my own projects going on the side that are slow going but building.  As summer winds down the festivals and major events come out for a final note to end on.  This upcoming weekend we have Gallery Stroll in Salt Lake and the Green Desert Festival down in Eureka.  And then the following week we have Poor Yorick's opening up for their second and final showcase of the year, as well as Sego Festival #3 down in Provo.  More on all those events to come during the next couple weeks.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Utah Wiccan Alliance

This Saturday at Murray Park there will be a pride event of a more spiritual nature.  The 2008 Pagan Pride Day will be taking place from 10AM -4PM, with many events to celebrate the Pagan life and show those who are unfamiliar or confused about what it exactly is. One of the Sponsors for the event is the Utah Wiccan Alliance, a group that offers people education into the ways of the Pagan faith, while offering a sense of community and organization among members here in Utah.  I got a chance to chat with UWA Secretary Meg Hafen about the Alliance, how it got started, thoughts on how others view their beliefs, their participation in Pagan Pride Day, and some other topics that came to mind. --- Meg Hafen & Joel Olry Gavin:  Hey guys!  First off, tell us a little bit about yourselves.

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