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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Kilby Records

Posted By on July 3, 2008, 2:48 PM

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There's a new record company in town, ironically started out of a place with a passion for good music.

--- Born out of the venue that is Kilby Court, Kilby Records looks to be both an underground sensation while bringing the music of the Utah scene to the world. Fronted up by Lance Saunders and Will Sartain, the label has taken on some impressive talent and is already made a name for itself by word of mouth. I got a chance to talk with Lance about the label and the planning behind it.

Lance Saunders

Hey Lance, how you been and what you been up to lately?

Lance: I’ve been working and traveling more than I ever thought I would be. However, I don’t think of it as work. It’s too much fun to be work; I love what I do. Let me elaborate. In mid-May I hit the road with Band of Annuals, the local folk/alt-country act and new addition to Kilby Records. We drove over twelve thousand miles across the United States to push the music, the label and the positive vibes that emanates from Salt Lake City. It was a perfect mixture of work and play…literally. I broke a tambourine.
Now that I am back in Salt Lake City I am more focused and driven than ever before. I have a million ideas and I’m ready to get to work once again…in overdrive this time.

Gavin: So, Kilby Records is finally public. First, tell everyone what it is.

Lance: Kilby Records is an Independent label based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. Named after the internationally known and one-of-a-kind, all ages venue, Kilby Court.

Gavin: How did the idea come around to start your own label?

Lance: As many people know, the talent pool of talented musicians and beautiful songwriters in Salt Lake City is immense. There are so many amazing people who make amazing music. Will Sartain (my business partner and Kilby co-owner) and I want to get this music out of Utah and let the world hear it.

Gavin: What were some of the challenges in getting it started up?

Lance: Well, we are very patient with what we do and try not to get ahead of ourselves so, oddly enough, we haven’t had any challenges…yet. Although, keep in mind that we are just barely starting up. We’ve kept a healthy pace so far, but it’s starting to snowball. I’m very excited.

Gavin: Why were you guys trying to keep it quiet for so long?

Lance: We were still working out the kinks. It takes time to create a website, re-replicate albums, write bio’s, find booking agents, book tours, create artwork/logos, promote, etc. Mind you, on top of Kilby Records Will and I still have Kilby Court and S&S Presents. So we just needed time to handle everything in a delicate manner. It’s not that we were trying to “keep it quiet”, we just like to “walk” instead of “talk”.

Gavin: Have you set up a recording studio yet? And if so, for those bands who are curious, what's the studio setup like?

Lance: There will not be a recording studio at Kilby. A community-based studio will open up in the next year thanks to Jay Henderson of The Band of Annuals. Keep your eyes peeled for that beauty of a plan.

Gavin: What artists are currently on the label?

Lance: The roster is:

KR 001 Red Bennies - Self Titled

KR 002 Mike Sartain - Self Titled

KR 003 Beard of Solitude - Broken Brain

KR 004 Will Sartain - Beep (RE-RELEASED 7-12-08 @ THE URBAN LOUNGE 21 )

KR 005 Band of Annuals – Respondez (RE-RELEASED 7-12-08 @ THE URBAN LOUNGE 21 )

KR 006 The Future of The Ghost - Freak Out

KR 007 Will Sartain - Bash Your Face In

KR 008 Band of Annuals - Let Me Live

KR 009 TaughtMe – Lady (OUT SEPTEMBER 2008)

We are thinking about putting out the Lazer Fang album as the tenth Kilby Records installment. If you have a chance to see them live, you’d understand.

Gavin: Can you give us a hint as to what the label is working on at the moment?

Lance: Band of Annuals FALL 2008 Tour, TaughtMe EUROPEAN 2008 TOUR, B.O.A. & Will Sartain re-releases (Repondez & Beep) on 7-12-08 @ Urban Lounge (21 ), Marketing Campaigns, Promoting…oh man, too much to write. HA! I have an ever-revolving “To Do” list.

Gavin: What can we expect from Kilby Records the rest of this year?

Lance: Magic!

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