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I read your Green Guide and was surprised to see that geo-engineering aerosols were not included in the debate. Furthermore, I saw you touting the Utah Moms for Clean Air group. Here’s the problem: Both Utah Moms for Clean Air and Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker are avoiding the subject of these aluminum/barium-based chemtrails that are sprayed over Salt Lake City about 75 percent of all days in winter.

The Utah Moms for Clean Air’s Facebook group went so far as to erase a colleague of mine from the group and delete all posts on the subject. I am outraged at the complacency, denial and silencing over the subject. People have started to document the sprayings and are testing the rainwater that comes from the fake clouds.

Nobody in Utah—or anywhere in the world, for that matter—has an inkling as to the shape the planet is truly in. The funny thing is the trails are an extremely temporary “fix” that exacerbates global warming. If you have wondered why it would be sunny one day and then snowing the next, it is fake snow created at higher temperatures than is scientifically possible. Look up and wave to the Hill Air Force pilots the next time they are spraying you like a bug.

South Salt Lake

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