Lebanese Libations

Exploring the fine wines of Lebanon

Not Quite 50 Shades

Sipping “gray” wines: Pinot Gris
With the warm temperatures and sunny days we’ve been enjoying lately, my thoughts and taste buds are turning earlier than normal to spring and summer picnic wines.

Related to Wine

French Wine Winners

Yes, you can drink French wine on a budget
I'll bet that if you played a word-association game with most people and asked for their first thought to describe French wines, "expensive" and "quality" would be two of the most common descriptions.

Pinot Envy

Pursuing the pleasures of all things Pinot
I don't write too often after the fact about wine dinners or tastings that I attend, because it's sort of like, "Nyah, nyah, nyah: Here's what you missed, aren't you envious!"

Anatomy of a Wine List

Pair a Provisions meal with a beguiling libation selection
It's not very often that I devote an entire "Drink" column to a single restaurant libation list, but the drink menu at Provisions restaurant is so well thought-out and so enticing, that this week I'm making an exception.

The New Chile

Tasting Chilean wines from Amayna & Merino at Finca
Last week, in its new downtown Salt Lake City location at 327 W. 200 South, Finca restaurant hosted an exceptional wine dinner.

Ring in the New!

Taste new under-the-radar wines for 2015 sipping
The Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's holiday season—a time of free-flowing libations—gave me the opportunity to sample a number of new wines. They were either relatively new to our state or just new to me.

Ruth Lewandowski Wines

Utah wines are nothing if not natural
Many food fanatics around town know Evan Lewandowski as the sommelier and wine manager for Pago restaurant, where he's assembled one of Salt Lake City's more interesting and eclectic wine selections.

Bottles of Cheer

Span the globe with holiday sips
Now that the winter holiday season has kicked into full gear, I want to make sure I'm well-stocked with wines to offer friends and family as they stop by for a little holiday cheer.

Give Thanks for Wine

Wake up holiday dinner with a wine-tasting
With so many complimentary and contrasting food flavors—cranberries, dark turkey meat, salty stuffing, buttery mashed spuds, etc.—the Thanksgiving meal is a good place to try out an array of different wines with different foods and courses.

Cheesy Partners

Discover which wines & cheeses go hand in hand
In recent years, the cheese course has been making a comeback in American restaurants. Where once it was primarily a French indulgence, now restaurants from New York to San Francisco—and even Utah—are offering cheese courses in lieu of, or in addition to, dessert.

Something Fishy

Seafood and Sauvignon Blanc make a perfect pair
Before the cold weather arrives and I turn to hearty stews, roasts, cassoulet and such, I'm getting in my late-summer/early-fall fish fixes.

Wine Storage Dos & Don'ts

Treat your wine well, and it will return the favor
I still rue the day I opened a prized bottle of French Burgundy I'd been saving for a couple decades. Not too surprisingly, when the bottle was open, I discovered that the wine was closer to Port in flavor and texture than fine Burgundy.

Ransom Wines & Spirits

Oregon's Tad Seestedt makes wines and spirits with history in mind
One of the more intriguing wine-pairing dinners I've attended featured libations that were as innovative as they were interesting, produced by Tad Seestedt of Ransom Wines & Spirits.

Somm, But Not All

How to spot a true sommelier
If you dine in the world's most expensive restaurants, you'll probably come across a sommelier (aka "somm"). The stereotypic image of a sommelier is that of a somber, sober, middle-age-or-older gentleman in a crisp tux with a shallow silver bowl called a tastevin hanging from a chain around his neck.

Woman of Wine

R.I.P., Baroness Philippine de Rothschild
Although the industry has changed a lot in the past couple of decades, the world of wine is still largely a man's world. Sure, there've been outliers like Madame Clicquot and Mary Penfold and, more recently, winemakers such as Helen Turley, Susie Selby and writer Jancis Robinson.


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