Ruth Lewandowski Wines

Utah wines are nothing if not natural

Bottles of Cheer

Span the globe with holiday sips
Now that the winter holiday season has kicked into full gear, I want to make sure I'm well-stocked with wines to offer friends and family as they stop by for a little holiday cheer.

Give Thanks for Wine

Wake up holiday dinner with a wine-tasting
With so many complimentary and contrasting food flavors—cranberries, dark turkey meat, salty stuffing, buttery mashed spuds, etc.—the Thanksgiving meal is a good place to try out an array of different wines with different foods and courses.

Cheesy Partners

Discover which wines & cheeses go hand in hand
In recent years, the cheese course has been making a comeback in American restaurants. Where once it was primarily a French indulgence, now restaurants from New York to San Francisco—and even Utah—are offering cheese courses in lieu of, or in addition to, dessert.


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