Something Fishy

Seafood and Sauvignon Blanc make a perfect pair
Before the cold weather arrives and I turn to hearty stews, roasts, cassoulet and such, I'm getting in my late-summer/early-fall fish fixes.

Wine Storage Dos & Don'ts

Treat your wine well, and it will return the favor
I still rue the day I opened a prized bottle of French Burgundy I'd been saving for a couple decades. Not too surprisingly, when the bottle was open, I discovered that the wine was closer to Port in flavor and texture than fine Burgundy.

Ransom Wines & Spirits

Oregon's Tad Seestedt makes wines and spirits with history in mind
One of the more intriguing wine-pairing dinners I've attended featured libations that were as innovative as they were interesting, produced by Tad Seestedt of Ransom Wines & Spirits.

Somm, But Not All

How to spot a true sommelier
If you dine in the world's most expensive restaurants, you'll probably come across a sommelier (aka "somm"). The stereotypic image of a sommelier is that of a somber, sober, middle-age-or-older gentleman in a crisp tux with a shallow silver bowl called a tastevin hanging from a chain around his neck.

Woman of Wine

R.I.P., Baroness Philippine de Rothschild
Although the industry has changed a lot in the past couple of decades, the world of wine is still largely a man's world. Sure, there've been outliers like Madame Clicquot and Mary Penfold and, more recently, winemakers such as Helen Turley, Susie Selby and writer Jancis Robinson.


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