Who do you trust to solve illegal immigration issues—feds, state, militias, other? 

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Josh Loftin: Thankfully, President Obama is a communist, so he’ll eventually solve this problem. After all, nobody could build a wall to keep people out of (or inside) their country better than the Russians.

Bill Frost: The Minutemen, of course. God, guns and guts that hang over the belt made this country great.

Jesse James Burnitt: The feds have proven out of touch with the people’s needs, as evidenced by the passing of a health-care bill with no public option. The states, as evidenced by Arizona’s bigoted reaction, are out of touch with humanity, in general. Militias shouldn’t be allowed in an “enlightened” society. But ultimately, it should be up to the feds.

Bryan Bale: Technically, it is the job of the federal government. And if they don’t handle it right, I’ll vote for somebody else next time.

Derek Jones: I still fail to see why people are so worked up about this? Immigrants keep our economy going, they take jobs most Americans would not do and they work harder than most everyone I know. I think immigration has just become another issue/group onto which American bigotries and racism are scapegoated.

Nick Clark: Continue to police the border with ignorant rednecks with guns. Seems to have worked so far. I haven’t seen an illegal Canadian in months.

Jesse Fruhwirth: BP chairman Carl “small people” Henric Svanberg will probably get sacked soon; let’s just put him in charge of immigration policy.

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