Well, Regulated? 

8 still-available names for your next militia group

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8. The Gr8 Salt Lake H8 M8s

7. 'Merican 'Migos: Latinos Against Open Borders

6. Tighty Whiteys

5. Rainbow Raiders: Gays for Guns & Gin Fizzes

4. The Freedom Fatties Lawn-Chair Brigade

3. Citizens Against Science & Stuff

2. Posse Galore

1. Patriots for the Constitution With the Exception of a Few Points That Conflict With Our Narrow View of the World and/or We Don't Understand Even Though It Was Written By God So Maybe We Really Just Like to Bro Down in the Woods Wearing Camouflage and Drinking Beer All Weekend While Discussing Our Mutual Hatred of Brown People, Gays and Gun Laws but It's All Good

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