We Don't Do That Anymore 

Have you ever given up a pastime?

Stephen Dark: Fly-fishing. I started it to have something to share with my kids as they grew up, but discovered that for all its meditative, graceful beauty, the cost of everything from the flies—if you don’t spend hours making your own—to all the accessories were way beyond my pocketbook.

Ivy Smith: When I was 15, I decided that I wanted to carry around a package of Altoids with me at all times. Not for purposes of kissing boys, and not even really for personal fresh-breath purposes. Just because I wanted that rep, I guess. I gave up that pastime when I realized that I was 15 and had virtually no disposable income.

Paula Saltas: I recently gave up runway modeling—traveling the world and wearing fabulous clothes isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Kolbie Stonehocker: I haven’t given up any favorites, per se, it’s more like the things I really enjoy doing just get passively forgotten or put on the back burner. I’m the queen of hopping from one new activity/instrument to the next without following through on getting any good at them.

Doug Kruithof: Climbing onstage and bringing back bands for encores with the simple yet compelling “Once again, (insert band of evening here).”
It was September 2000, just my third night in town on a slow Sunday evening, seeing Alabama 3 at the Zephyr ... unfortunately for me, Gil the doorman did not know who I was, and I got escorted out swiftly, missing the encore that I made happen.

Paydn Augustine: I used to play first-person shooter games competitively, winning cash here and there. My team and I were about to move up to professional brackets in Halo 2 when our support player started having seizures; turned out he was epileptic. After that, I still went to a few competitions, but after other games started coming out, the difficulty of the games began to decline drastically, so I decided they weren’t for me.

Colin Wolf: When I was younger I used to say, “don’t go there” quite a bit. Then I realized it’s lame. LOL, the dumb phrases we used to say were so cray-cray, right?

Rachael Stapley: For New Year’s this year, I decided I was going to give up drinking for one whole month. By Jan. 3 I realized I’m not the type of girl that gives up.

Cait Lee: RPG video games. They sure know how to feed my addictive, antisocial personality.

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