Chris Coy: Real Sex

Chris Coy looks beyond repression to find Real Sex
Sex as subject matter for art has been most commonly used as an avenue toward revelations about culture as well as identity. Far more rarely has it been used to suggest notions about the nature of reality itself, and the ways we perceive it.

Confluence of East & West

Two local photographers show capture thematic distinctions between their home turf
Sometimes the East-West divide isn't as vast as you might think. In the case of two photographers exhibiting at the Salt Lake City Main Library, the gap is as narrow as a few city blocks across town.


UMFA's con[text] explores the ways that language can be turned into art
The Utah Museum of Fine Arts at the University of Utah examines the uses of language in art throughout the centuries in its [con]text, an exhibit more than a year in the making, says Whitney Tassie, UMFA's curator of modern and contemporary art.

Provo Redrawn

Kim Schoenstadt's architectural wall drawing melds and re-imagines past and present of city
Los Angeles artist Kim Schoenstadt uses the overlapping structures of history, memory and geography to retrace the significance of sites and situations that are, in some cases, so familiar that their contours and outlines have disappeared from our view, our mental landscape.

Rebecca Campbell's Boom

Salt Lake City artist returns home with a nuclear-themed exhibit
The artistic career of Salt Lake City native Rebecca Campbell has certainly exploded in the 15 years since she left for graduate studies at UCLA, where she stayed to work and teach.

Journey Stories

A traveling exhibit conveying America's history of migration comes to West Valley
Nearly all Americans are travelers in some sense. Many of our ancestors were immigrants, and due to the size of the country alone—in addition to the pioneering bent of the country's settlers—movement across large distances helped make us who we are.

Artist Chad Hardin

Utah native Chad Hardin breaks into the big time of comic-book artists
When DC Comics announced at the 2013 Baltimore Comic-Con that it was launching a brand-new series featuring Batman villain Harley Quinn with Utahn Chad Hardin as one of the principal artists, Hardin was across the country at the inaugural Salt Lake Comic Con, signing prints and meeting fans.

Casey Kawaguchi: State of the Art

Local artist brings street art to gallery walls
In recent years, "street art"—graffiti on the sides of buildings, street murals and other urban art forms—has risen to the status of fine art, with the emergence of magazines like Los Angeles-based Juxtapoz and others that celebrate works by "outsider," non-academic artists.

Devotees and Their Shrines

Centennial exhibit celebrates legacy of Utah art advocate Alice Merrill Horne
This year marks a number of historical milestones: the 45th anniversary of the first moon landing, and a century since a events leading up to World War I.

Christopher Kelly: God Complex

Christopher Kelly explores the human psyche through fantasy
In literature and film, science fiction allows us to explore our earthbound endeavors through the prism of fantastical, imaginative ideas about technology.


Stories and art converge to chronicle pivotal life moments in Intersections
The Intersections project focuses on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender adults and their allies, taking on the theme, according to the Intersections statement, of “pivotal crossroads they have encountered throughout their lives; their methods for navigating these paths, trails, roads, and highways (or perhaps bi-ways); and the resulting consequences of these journeys.”

Studio Elevn: Gods, Heroes & Monsters

Gods, Heroes & Monsters finds artists investigating symbols of power.
In the ancient world, the understanding of the universe and our place in it was framed by myths, with power figures functioning as symbols for processes of creation and destruction, life and death. Throughout the centuries, these characters have provided fertile subject matter for art. More recently, archetypal power figures have been used to critique sociopolitical power structures in society. The group exhibit Gods, Heroes & Monsters at Studio Elevn examines renderings of both classical and contemporary power figures. A portion of the proceeds generated from art sales and donations during the exhibition will benefit Equality Utah.


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