The British Passion for Landscape

Utah Museum of Fine Arts showcases masterpieces of British landscape painting

Articles of Clothing

Articles of Clothing explores the cultural and social significance of what we wear
In a world where people form opinions based on surface impressions, clothes are the surfaces with which we cover our bodies— to protect and hide, but also to reveal something about ourselves.

Ed "Big Daddy" Roth: Rat Fink!

Exhibition in Ephraim celebrates an outsider artist who embraced his LDS faith
Ed "Big Daddy" Roth: You're probably familiar with the name, especially if you're 40 or older, and had any interest in the counterculture of the 1960s and '70s.

Howa Gallery

A construction mogul-turned-artist tries his hand at the gallery biz
One of the newest galleries along the Wasatch Front has a decidedly northern flair—northern Utah, that is. Thomas Howa opened Howa Gallery in Bountiful on May 9 and the 30 artists in the debut show—representing just about every imaginable artistic genre and style in the area—offer a remarkable cross-section of current local artists.

What's My Name?

What's My Name? explores the experience of Alzheimer's patients and their caregivers
Who are you? It's a question framed in a mirror: the reflecting pool of language. The phrase "I think, therefore I am" is, in a sense, accurate, and conveys the mental images and linguistic descriptions we give to ourselves.

Collective Experience

Collective Experience showcases artists inspired by one group performance
The newest exhibition at the Rio Gallery had its genesis five years ago. In 2010, Ernesto Pujol's group performance Awaiting involved more than 80 participants in a 12-hour walk/meditation, ...

Chris Coy: Real Sex

Chris Coy looks beyond repression to find Real Sex
Sex as subject matter for art has been most commonly used as an avenue toward revelations about culture as well as identity. Far more rarely has it been used to suggest notions about the nature of reality itself, and the ways we perceive it.

Confluence of East & West

Two local photographers show capture thematic distinctions between their home turf
Sometimes the East-West divide isn't as vast as you might think. In the case of two photographers exhibiting at the Salt Lake City Main Library, the gap is as narrow as a few city blocks across town.


UMFA's con[text] explores the ways that language can be turned into art
The Utah Museum of Fine Arts at the University of Utah examines the uses of language in art throughout the centuries in its [con]text, an exhibit more than a year in the making, says Whitney Tassie, UMFA's curator of modern and contemporary art.

Provo Redrawn

Kim Schoenstadt's architectural wall drawing melds and re-imagines past and present of city
Los Angeles artist Kim Schoenstadt uses the overlapping structures of history, memory and geography to retrace the significance of sites and situations that are, in some cases, so familiar that their contours and outlines have disappeared from our view, our mental landscape.


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