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118 N. 900 West, Salt Lake City, 84116
Like stepping through your television into late-night anime programming, Pipa offers an artistically styled restaurant with a club vibe, complete with an Asian tapas menu to fit the tone. Black furniture, mood lighting along the walls and foreign cartoons set to light techno music fit in perfectly with the ideal of hitting up a sake bar in Tokyo. Shaken steak cubes, snowball shrimp and fried calamari are among the affordable selections, as well as vegetarian offerings with a kick to match. Come for the food, stay for the atmosphere.
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Loud, dark and yuppie-ish -- tipping is automatic -- 18%

Six of us went -- the food was good, portions were small; the atmosphere loud, dark and yuppie-ish.  Many HD TVs, on a sports channels and on a Victoria's Secret model channel. It's kind of a sport bar atmosphere.  The server speaks Chinese.


The cost was $190, including the tip we left on the table.  Unbeknownst to us, and without first asking PIPA'a Asian Tapes & Sake Bar added an 18% gratuity to the bill. Just so you know.  It would have been polite ask.  

It's dishonest to do that and I'm not going back because of that.

Our experience at pipa was delightful. its new, its trendy, and they back it all up with great food. i'm not sure where you usually dine out, but its standard that restaurants add gratuity to groups of 6-8 and more. even so, i remember that the menu clearly states this.
Dear Customer, Thank you for your opinions. We are always looking for ways to improve our business and keep our patrons happy. Auto-gratuity is practiced in most, if not all, fine dining establishments. It is the tip applied to the check of a large party, usually 6,8, or more persons. It can be 15%, but is more often 18% and is not uncommon to see 20%. Just last week, I was with a group of eight at Red Rock in downtown and they added gratuity to our check to the tune of $108. It was expected. At Pipa Asian Tapas Sake Bar, we feel that an 18% gratuity for groups of six or more is fair. This is posted clearly on both the menu and on your check when presented. If a server feels as though he/she has not given the quality of service demanded, then they are encouraged not to auto-grat the table. However, your server felt that she gave you the service you deserved and more by going out of her way to make your dining experience pleasurable. We made many special requests and items not on the menu to exceed your expectations. And although she does speak Chinese, she is very fluent in speaking English as well, being born and raised in Salt Lake. Our food is designed to be small and shared among others at the table. A quick google search of “Tapas” would show that it is the name of a wide variety of appetizers, or snacks, in Spanish cuisine. “Popular throughout Spain in bars and restaurants, and now in America, tapas are appetizers or small plates that usually accompany sherry or other aperitifs or cocktails.” Our menu and food portions holds true to the term tapas bar, but with a twist - “Asian Tapas”, Asian-inspired appetizers and small plates to go along with sake and sake creations. The design of Pipa was meant to be unique from anything else offered in Salt Lake. Something fresh, modern, and contemporary. With the mood lighting, house music, Japanese Anime, sports, fashion shows, unique cocktails, and tapas style dining, we strive to be trend setters and not followers. If this seems out of place for you, or is too “yuppie-ish” we sincerely apologize. Pipa Asian Tapas Sake Bar is not for everyone, but for others, it is a chance to escape the never ending cookie cutter and chain restaurants in Utah. Again, we apologize for any inconveniences and will be happy to refund your money. At your leisure, please stop by and ask for a manager to assist you. Regards, Pipa Asian Tapas Sake Bar Management