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saw an ad in city weekly about this new place .

freind an I went there today.

Nothing good to say at all!

terrible decor , no parking, stupid menu, sticky table coverings.

some guy sits behind the cash register staring at it.

the food took 30 minutes. when it came it was gross! Catfish that was raw. Potatoe salad from Smiths food King. one scoop only! no veggies,they are $4.50 & up for sides. A side of collard greens is $8.99.

Told the waitress the catfish was raw and she argued with me about it until I asked her to try it. Came back overcook and completely flavor less. Gross!

My freind ordered a sausage sandwich with frys. easy, right? It came with a polish dog split in half on a hot bun like you get a 7-11.His frys were raw and tons of salt that would give anyone a heart attack.

This food was so over priced I thought it would be at least authentic.

Worst overpriced resturant I have been to in years.

Wrong! Wrong! and Wrong!

Stay away. Even if there's a parking spot open!

Saw this comment and knew right away this was the jerk that was at Spoony & Nata's as myself and one of my friends were dining there for lunch yesterday. We watched in disbelief as this idiot,was rude and obnoxious and looking for anything he could find to be wrong. The waitress (Keli) Nice girl, bent over backwards trying to please this fool, but he would not let up. All his comments are UNTRUE!!!! My friend and I were actually quite entertained by his behavior and could not believe he asked for veggies with Catfish at a Soul Food & Southern Cuisine Restaurant. Who ever heard of Veggies with Catfish????? A Utahian I suppose! Stay away is right Mr. Miket. You don't belong at Spoony & Natas or any local restaurant because while the poor little waitress who you gave such a bad time was away having your catfish redone, you were talking about how horrible Pat's Bar B Que is as well. Didn't think we heard that did ya? We don't need your kind in our public establishments if all you are going to do is bad mouth them. Stay home and Cook your own meals!!! Oh and by the way, the side of greens are $4.50, not $8.99 and DELICIOUS! I had a bowl. Potato Salad is HOMEMADE. But what would you know about that? Mr.Utah!!!! Get a life and take your own advice and STAY AWAY!!!! Don't need your kind anywhere. I tell all my friends to go down to Spoony & Nata's and try it. The food is Delicious & tasty, the Decor is absolutely Darling, the staff is extremely friendly and the prices are extremely reasonable. I will continue to go again,and again, and again!
I agree! Spoony & Nata's is off the HOOK! Everything is fresh, tasty, and DELICIOUS! Don't know Mr. Miket, but he's got it all wrong. This place is BOMB!!!! It's really cute and cozy inside too. Love the booth area. C
I've only been to Spoony & Nata's once so far (planning on going again) and it was a lovely experience. Nothing wrong with the decor and the people that work there are extremely (and I do mean extremely) friendly and helpful. We had the chicken wings, hot sausage, jambalaya and red beans with rice. Everything was quite good. I have no idea what kind of standards Miket has but it doesn't sound at all like the same restaurant I went to. As for "overpriced" well, some people want McDonald's prices at every restaurant. Personally I'm not one of those people so if you are then yeah, maybe you'll whine about the prices at Spoony and Nata's.

ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING!!!!!!  We were nothing but disappointed in Spoony & Nata's. The pictures on their website aren't even their own pictures. The outside picture isn't even of their restaurant. Our chicken had HAIR on it. And not just one hair, but LOTS OF HAIR. See the pictures I uploaded on Urban Spoon! When we asked her what she recommended, she proceeded to only recommend the most expensive things on the menu. We bought the Jambalaya, the most expensive dish, and you wanna know what it was? Instant uncle ben's rice (we have the same kind at home) and a cut up HOT DOG! We could even see the hot dog ends in our dish. WAY OVER PRICED and absolutely disgusting. We found hair in our jambalaya too. The chicken wings were all bone, no meat. We've had authentic fried chicken AND jambalaya before...this is nothing but bad, unsanitary cafeteria food. 

I'm sorry btw but I had to laugh... are you talking about the plantation-looking picture on their website? Did you really think you were going to find a plantation on Main street in Salt Lake City Mr. Mystery??
Posting two libelous reviews and pretending to be two different people, is ridiculous. There's no such review on urbanspoon, either. Either they saw through your sham, or knew you had ulterior motives.

I was looking for a good sole food place in the Salt Lake area, stumbled on this & it does seem that this is just a couple people with different names. Just due to the drama in the reviews we will not be going here. Too bad as I am from back east & Love good sole food. Looks like I will have to wait a few more months till my trip back east to get it :( 

(It really seems that the waitress was the vengfull reviewer here.) Dont get me wrong I am sure the guy was a jerk however... by the childish reviews posted, it is turning customers away. This may be my loss as the food may be good; however I will never know.