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Woohoo! Kavaroots Cafe finally Utah has a Kava Bar!  I was welcomed with 'Aloha' a kiss and a hug from the owner. The positive vibrations of this small Sugarhouse joint flowed from the live reggae roots musicians to the authentic polynesian art on the walls! I've been in Utah all my life and have never had an organic acai bowl and an iced kona kava coffee!  Then the most beautiful polynesian women walked out with a big kava bowl and put it right in front of me!  We built a friendship of unity that i know will last a life time...I stayed drinking kava in a traditional kava circle with 20 handsome polyneisan men and beautiful people until 3am~!  I've been back every weekend since. Thank you for coming to Utah Kava Roots Cafe and I cant wait to visit you on the North shore of Oahu and your grand opening on July 30 2010!