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St. Mark's Hospital Women's Pavilion

1200 E. 3900 South, Salt Lake City, 84124
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Unlike women's centers at other hosptials, St. Mark's puts no effort in ensuring patients' dignity and modesty. Specifically, they have several male nurses that provide intimate care to woman. I had a hysterectomy at St. Mark's and was horrified that during my surgery the head nurse, surgical assistant and anesthesiologist were all men --my gynocologist was a female. When I complained, they told me they were all "professionals" and I should just get over it. Additionally, they believe in heavily sedating patients. They say it's so that patients won't have anxiety about what is happening to them. I'd argue it's because they would rather not have to worry about treating patients with dignity and respect--my husband couldn't believe it when a nurse came into my room after surgery, left the door open, and removed the sheets from my body exposing my vagina so that she could look at my incision. When he objected for me (I was still out) she said, "or sorry, I forgot to close the curtain" as if it were not big deal. St. Mark's is really not the place to go for women's health issues.