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This place has the worst customer service and their food is foul. We have gone in not once but twice and have had to wait to be seated for 30 to 45 minutes when they are not even busy. They will seat groups of 3 or more sooner than a group of 2 will be sat even though my girlfriend and I have been waiting for a table for more than a half an hour. DO NOT GO TO RED GINGER. With half priced sushi will come even worse food and terrible service. I would love to meet the owner of this establishment to find out how big of an idiot he/she is. Hopefully this place goes out of business soon but probably not since they do a lot of terrible food.

Sounds like you may be a little jealous and angry over someone elses success
I have eaten there a number of times and LOVE it! They seat people according to what's available, sometimes that means you have to wait for a table. Yes, their food it THAT good!!