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Rancho Market

2470 S. Redwood Rd., West Valley City, 84119
Rancho Market in West Valley's Latino Mall features an eatery called Nuestra Cocina with an open kitchen, counter seating and picnic tables, where a team of friendly Mexican women make everything from fresh tortilla chips and tamales to posole, menudo, tacos, gorditas, tortas, chilaquiles and more. But the main draw is the stupendous dish called El Molcajete. At Rancho Market, a molcajete is turned upside-down and heated until nearly molten lava-hot, directly over a gas flame. The fiery-hot molcajete is then turned right side-up and the fun begins. First, a layer of Oaxacan cheese is placed into the bottom of the molcajete. It melts immediately, creating a beautiful, brown, cheesy crust. Next, strips of napolitos (cactus), cooked shrimp, chicken, and thin strips of beef are placed into the hot molcajete, along with whole charred jalapenos and plump Mexican-style green onions. Finally, the entire thing is topped with thick strips of cheese and delivered to your (picnic) table hot enough to cause concern. You'll love it.
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