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Nightmare Mansion

5600 S. Redwood, Taylorsville, 84123
  • Currently 3.5/5 Stars.
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  Nightmare Mansion is part of the Castle of Chaos but bigger and more detailed. This is going to be thier second year and they have added a ton of stuff to make it really scary from what I have heard.

  Last year it was really amazing with a 3d area that was my favorite part. You wore 3d glasses and it was a lot longer than most other haunts with a 3d area. I really liked the lazer effects and the crazy clowns.

  I also liked the minotaur and the crazy pig-guy. It was really scary with the gore factor and going through all alone. But a lot of fun as well.

  The insane asylum was an absolute maze. I think they locked me in because I was in there forever!!!

  I am really looking forward to this year!! I think I will have to check out Castle of Chaos again as well. I like the combo deal. It is almost the same price as any of the other haunts cost for 1 haunt.

Last year was my first year through Nightmare Mansion and they blew me away. I liked it so much I went twice last year. Their 3D section was amazing and they got alot of scares on me. Everyone I went with thoroughly enjoyed it as well.

This year they have added TONS of new stuff. As good as I thought it was last year, this year is way way better. There is tons of new scares, effects,'s awesome.

Definitely one of the best haunts in Utah. Highly recommended.