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We had a very good dining experience at Nonna Lucia's.  Angelo the chef and owner treated us like family.  Being from NY we miss genuine family style Italian cooking.  Angelo did not disappoint.  His red sauce was right on the money.  His personal recipe Italian sausage was well seasoned and not overpowering.  His pasta was cooked to al dente perfection.  The lasagna was light and soft.  I hope more people will try this delightful and low keyed restaurant.  The location leaves a bit to be desired, but the food is the main attraction.  This is genuine, authentic Italian food unlike that served at fancier and more upscale (pricey) places such as Tuscany which in my opinion is far from being an Italian restaurant. It's OK, but it's not Italian.  Angelo knows what he's doing in the kitchen.  If you are looking for good food at reasonable prices, try Nonna Lucia's. Forget about the Olive Garden (yuk).  Nonna Lucia's is the real deal.