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Went to Beerhive with plans to have dinner with my wife and enjoy a few good beers that are rare to come by in our State. Not much of a greeting or a smile was made when we entered the building and we were rudely asked for ID's. We were handed beer menus and dinner menus, and that was about all the service we received. We had picked out a couple beers we wanted to try from the almost-impressive beer menu and decided our dinner (which is served from the restaurant next door, Vienna Bistro); but after about twenty minutes of no service or acknowledgement, we decided to take our business next door - to the actual restaurant. It was an excellent dinner and the service was fantastic. They actually had quite an intersting German beer selection that I had only tried a couple of. Beerhive might be a good place to watch sports and drink good beer, but I wouldn't recommend it for dinner. And make sure to sit at the bar and you may get service. Vienna Bistro has a better menu in the restaurant than in the Beerhive and they have a small, but excellent beer selection. The Bayou is also a good choice for an even better beer selection and great food. Comes with service, too.