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I am a HUGE breakfast person and waffle lover and went to try Red Rooster on a Sunday. Upon receiving our waffles we were really disappointed. I ordered the Harvest which was basically a waffle with orange marmelade on it and a squirt of whip cream. It was OK but something I could have made at home. When in line I saw them make the thumbprint which they spread some blueberry pie filling and a scoop of lemon curd... the presentation was sub par and definitely something I could have just made at top it off we ordered coffee and they ran out.. we also decided to sit outside and it was a bit windy that day and a gush of wind came up and the umbrella at the table came out and hit my daughter on the forhead due to the umbrella not being secured down and they didn't do anything for us but put a bag of ice together.  Just an overall bad experience and will not go back.


My eggs benedict on waffles was surprisingly good.  Friendly staff.  BUT we must have gone during the busiest breakfast time because the staff can't multitask when busy?

My husband ordered a french toast that boasted having almonds and bananas, but didn't come with either topping?  He then realized after eating some that the batter was FLAVORED with those items.  His french toast was supposed to be served with syrup, but it wasn't.  And my husband therefore asked the server for the syrup they forgot to bring with our food.  He said he'd get it, OR he didn't understand.  One of the two.   And he was never around to ask again.  Then eventually when the manager was swinging by, my husband asked him for the syrup, said he'd get some.  Never came back with it.  Had to ask manager again and he profusely appologized and brought out syrup.  Then brought out fresh french toast in apology.  Then brought out waffle dessert samplings on a platter for us.  All the extras free of charge.  Which was so nice of him to bend over backwards to make up for the mistake.  But it did leave us with a bad first impression.  At least to NEVER go during their busy time again..  but it seems a high doubt that we'll go again.  And maybe it was because it was busy, but it did take a long time to get our food. 

Sadly this place is now closed which sucks because we have nothing but cr@ppy chain restaurants in the area.  The food was great but the execution was bad.  We live nearby and went when they first opened.  We probably waited about 45 minutes for our food.  We figured it was just because they were new and were still trying to find their groove.  Unfortunately they never seemed to find it.  The food was always good but the staff always seemed very disorganized and inexperienced.  This restaurant would have been an excellent candidate for the Kitchen Nightmares show.  Every time I was in there (around a dozen times at least) I overheard the owner apologizing to at least one table about something...long wait, incorrect orders, etc.  If they could have gotten more organized I think they could have been very successful.