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My wife and I went to the "opening night". A couple of the cocktail waitress's seemed unprofessional and rude. One of the bartenders was an A&& hole, short guy, didn't catch his name- and with all the bars that are brand new, opening up in Salt Lake, I doubt it is very likely we will ever return. We just moved here from Indianapolis and thought by the sounds of it that the "Abyss" would be a cool hangout. It was way too crowded, less than mediocre service, overpriced drinks (considering location and atmosphere.) You won't catch me or my wife there ever again. Also, my wife said there were people in the bathroom that appeared to be doing drugs. Not either one of our ideas of fun. The music was good, but other than that- that's about all. Food, mediocre at best. Just another Green street wanna be. Crap service, can't get a drink- and when you do- it's served by a miserable member of there employees- When will Salt Lake get some fun bars?
Sorry you felt like your wife and you had a bad time. I myself have to disagree.. My friends and I had a kickASS time!!!!!! Sure it was hectic, But my hell dude what do you expect it was opening nite... And as for the drink prices I dont know were the hell you've been drinking.Back here in Utah it's right on... And by the way this is a rock-n-roll sports club,Greenstreet is a yuppie bar. BIG DIFFERENCE.Me and my friends went back this weekend,Both nights,WE HAD A F***IN BLAST... And the service was GREAT this time...But also not opening nite either. On opening nite the bar hit max compassity at 10:00. We ate the food and LOVED IT... This is the best bar to hit Salt Lake in along time... As for you dude you and your wife our missing out.. Some great bands are coming to play at this fantastic bar... As for me and my friends this is our new hang out... I LOVE IT THERE... IT'S ABOUT DAMN TIME... Thanks to the Abyss staff...
hey karma, you sure you went to the right bar??? i had the best time there!! great bands, great food, CHEAP drinks!! Yeah it was crowded opening night, but i'm pretty sure i wasn't the only one havin a great time!! it's too bad you and your wife didn't like it but maybe it's not the kind of bar you should be going to! stay at green street!
Hahaha I agree this place is a joke they all sleep with each other and there a bunch of wanna be sport fans ,,, hair bands really people still get into that ,, what a joke
Hahaha I agree this place is a joke they all sleep with each other and there a bunch of wanna be sport fans ,,, hair bands really people still get into that ,, what a joke

Hey good times, yeah I agree a little hectic opening night but we still had a good time, great bands have not seen a bar like this in a long time. I have also been back a couple of times and it was way more dialed in and they told me they have some good bands coming in this weekend so I will check it out. Yeah drinks are about the same as anywhere I have been and the staff was more than accomodating to me. I guess I just wanted a good ol rock and roll bar to pop up again in Salt Lake and we got it! I would give them a chance and another try you would be missing out but I can feel ya it was crazy that night.

Keep it up and keep rockin!!!

Ya Umm I don't know what that KARMA guy is talking about... The Abyss is an awesome place to go get a beer hang out have some food and BS with some cool people. I have been a few times and met some awesome people. The bar tenders are very friendly and very on top of things and are awesome people. The owner is so so nice and down to earth and makes you feel very welcome and he is fun to BS with.

It has a cool atmosphere and good music and great staff !!!!!

Its nothing like Green Street but its not suppose to be either! it is suppose to have a different feel then those lame bars like that!

And I say if you wont be back No loss to the ABYSS there will always be other customers that will be back.

I would totally recomend going !! its a cool place!

and Tuesdays are $1 drafts.. so drink up!

it sounds like a lot of people responding to the bad review are people who work at the abyss. Tho I understand the need for these people to try and amp there club's reputation up I feel all these reviews are very bias and inflamatory. I've been to this club several times and  I have this to say '..blah'. I totally agree that most of the staff is genuinely miserable to be around, especially one particular bartender who has already been mentioned in bad reviews and, as a patron, I have heard his name thrown around a lot, and never in a positive matter. I don't get it. The sound system at Abyss is pretty cool and the bands are fun to jam out to, but I would sooner kick myself in the balls and make drinks at home than sit across the bar from Mikey, the rude little bartender who was mentioned. So yeah go into the abyss, pay 5 bucks to get in, but if you see this guy behind the bar, walk out and demand your money back, trust me, you are better off.

Its sounds to me like "alivenslc" has a some type of personal relationship with this bartender and is just trying to bash him. Every time I've been in Abyss, I've had a great time, including opening night. I've been in about 10 times since then and I've never been let down, and this bartender has been there most of the time. So what if the bartender doesn't ask you your life story, they are there to serve you drinks. And I've never waited for one. So get off your high horse and stay at home making yourself drinks. I don't need a downer like "alivenslc" bringing down my good time.

I was at the Abyss opening night and I had an absolutely incredible time. The AByss is everything a little bar is supposed to be. It was very loud, the bands rocked, and it was very busy, as all good bars ideally should be. The waitresses I thought were beautiful and working so hard to accomodate everyone. And the girls taking around the shots were beautiful, funny and very friendly.  The food was great, the chicken strips and brats came with a ton of fries, served really hot and was out of this world. Great with the beers. Didn't really get to chat it up with the bartenders, but as long as my drinks are coming, I'm not too concerned with how friendly they are y'know? They all seemed stoked for opening night and I recall seeing them smile and kid around a bit even while they busted their asses. We came in with a party of ten or more, and we we accomodated so well. Some guys were going around the club trying to find seats to bring over, and it was an overall great time and experience. Thanked the owner on the way out for a great time and he was very humble and said "No thank YOU for coming tnite." A very cool guy. definately check this bar out, it's a small, very cool, very clean, place with great music and great food and I don't work at the bar either, I'm just someone who really had a good experience and wanted to share it.

Where do I begin......Well the service was terrible....good luck getting a drink...the bartender has no customer service skills whatsoever!   The band playing that night (the street)was like every other band out there right now...just nickelback clones!  These bands are a dime a dozen!.....If you want to go to a real rock n roll club....go to Club Vegas!....If you want to hang out with a bunch jocks in their affliction shirts then go to club abyss. 

You can say what you want about the club but The Street is the best band out there right now and they are far from nickelback clones so you should just stay out of every club they go to cause your not welcome as long as I'm there and I go to every club they play at and I've had a good time evry time I've been to abyss

The abyss was a great place to listen to music, be social and have some drinks, so forget you hata's, and I'll be a jock and where my affliction shirt, and you won't have shat to say about it!

We happened to go to the Abyss to play pool one night and the only time the pompous, slug of a bartender (named Mikey) ever came out from behind the bar was to be a glutton with one of the waitresses french fries!! Yeah, he brought a few beers out to the MEN at one of the tables, but the women who were there had to go to the bar and get his attention away from the tv or his cell phone! HORRIBLE service!! There could have been 15 people in the place before 9:00, and 10 people until 11:00, and this poor excuse for a bartender still couldn't please his customers. The visiting women pool team finally started to drink coffee (which was free and at one of the tables) in protest of his service. Spare yourselves the trouble of patonizing this place! POS service and bartender!

Sounds pretty cool bar.... Club Vegas is where I goto see Wasp, Steven Pearcy, Irony Man, Dokken, etc, etc..... Gonna give this place a shot for sure!!! And a note to bartender Mikey, been in the bar business a long time and have seen many staff members come and go, and you might want to listen to the complaints and change some.... If not, you personally could cost the club $1000s weekly in lost income by people NOT COMING BACK... Just some constructive criticism... Take it as you will. And to the owner, Look forward to meeting you soon! Congrats in actually getting one of the few liquor licenses (if you got a new one and not managing an old one) in the lottery this year!!! And keep on ROCKIN'!

I may be a little "Bias" because I've known the owner of "The Abyss" for a while but it sounds to me like most of these Nay Sayers have a personal problem with a particular individual who happens to work at the "Abyss".

I primarily patronize this establishment during the day. It has been my experience that the food is good, reasonably priced, and the service exceptional.

When I've attended at night,  the service gets a little strained at times. That's the nature of the Beast when stuff gets temporarily crazy like at a entertainment break.

It really pisses me off when people hide behind some cutesy pretend name and blast someone else’s livelihood. The username beside this review is the one everyone knows me by. If someone doesn't like what I've said they know who to confront.


Hey... don't know what the rap on the Abyss s all about. I usually would go there after work on Thursday evenings and have a few brews, get something to eat. I never met Mikey... maybe I'm just lucky. But the bartender on Thursdays, (Randy... yes a really cute girl) was always friendly and more than up to the task. I also knew the bartender Seattle, and he was really cool. So beyond all the BS reviews, I went there last Thursday and Chirst almighty.... the place was shut down tighter than a drum! What the hell happened? Does anybody know? Oh well... I'll miss hanging out there. Hopefully they have just moved and they will re-open?

Wow!once apon a time I used to crunch numbers in that very club, when it was the OBH. Perhaps the building is cursed. I miss the old patrons and some of the help. When it changed hands to Rich, I was happy. He is a stand up gentleman, never quite understand why he'd do buisniess with such snakes... Bummer that the stigma attached to the sly and ever-so revolting "behind-the-scenes", dishonorable, manipulative, and just plain shitty way the bar was aquired, (not the owner, the private investors) had to catch up with a little things that sounds like KARMA. Sorry to all my fellow peeps that got caught up in the mess of that old buildin', wish tha old and the new of ya best, :), but i can't say that it made me have a sense of justice to hear from a delivery guy that it got shut down. Peace and monkey grease- R.I.P. Rick Crocco, your ghost is probly pissin' on it, with your guitar in hand, whisky in belly. We tried to represent for you. OBH crew rock on, we had a blast, thanks for making it the amazing, dear , and shit dive bar that we all loved so much, for better or for worse:)
It's our understanding that Abyss is moving to a new home because of the North Temple TRAX line. No details on when or where yet, but I'm sure we'll post an update when we know. Rachel City Weekly