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Nuch's Pizzeria & Restaurant

2800 S. 2300 East, Salt Lake City, 84109
Nuch’s claims to fame are its brick-oven pizzas and handmade pastas. But though it calls its pizza “New York-style,” that description might not pass muster with the hard-core. But, we’re not going to quibble; the crust is fairly thin and has a nice bit of chewiness to it, though it’s not exactly your basic floppy, fold-able New York pizza. It is fresh-made and topped with an array of carefully balanced, quality ingredients. Nuch’s offers about nine pizza variations, as well as calzones. Appetizers and tempting salads fill up about half the menu, so you won’t lack for choices.
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We found this restaurant by the ad in City Weekly.  What a great place.  The atmosphere is fine dining but with a friendly neighborhood feeling.  The food is outstanding!.  I had the squash ravoli with the brwon butter sauce.  My mouth is still watereing.  It is all made on site!

The antipasto is so flavorful!   Ths pizza is real NY pizza with the thin but chewy crust and just the right proportion of sauce, cheese and toppings. 

The decor is like fine dining with cloth table linens with friendly knowledgable staff. 

I go to their web site each week to see what delicious special entree will be on the menu this week.



My husband and I ate here for the first time on a Saturday. I got the chicken fetticini alfredo for $9.95. The following thursday I called in and asked for the specials that night, the girl who answered the phone asked me, "do you have internet?...go to our website to see the specials there". I thought that was strange and so I just called back to ask if they had chicken fetticini alfredo that night, which they did so I ordered takeout. When I picked it up the charge was $17.95 for the same entree....WHAT?!? I literally ordered the same thing 5 days ago and got charged $7.00 more.

I then called in to talk to the owner about what happened and he told me that I was grossly undercharged earlier and I should feel lucky that I got that entree for that price. I said well, thats no way to run business and thats bad service...your servers don't know how much to charge patrons or what specials you have. He replied by telling me the conversation is over and hung up on me...I was in the service industry for 10 years and this is not how you treat customers. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND EATING AT THIS RESTAURANT!!!!!

Last night one of our customers posted a negative report and we would like to respond to it. In short, she complained about our service during a phone in-order. In addition, she complained about being undercharged on her previous visit. Of note, the Fettuccine Alfredo with chicken breast was no longer on the special menu but we made it as a special order for her. I apologized for our server directing her to our website, and subsequently discussed the proper way to answer this request with our server. After K8 told me she was never coming back, I continued to converse with her to try and find out what she expected from us, but never got an answer. I don't understand the undercharge complaint. We checked our records, we keep all receipts, and found there was never an undercharge for the meal she had ordered. Her meal was $15.95 for Fettuccine Alfredo with chicken breast, and $1.25 tax for a total of $17.25. In addition, she left a tip on the takeout order and called back 20 minutes later to complain. She didn't say a word about the price or service when she was in the restaurant. We just want the readers to know that we take care of our customers and that K8 never complained about the food, and in fact had returned quickly indicating that her food and service were at least good on her previous visit. Heath and Debi/ Nuch's

I saw the ad in City Weekly that this restaurant was the same person from Delorettos Pizza and could not wait to try it.

The restaraunt is very inviting. Clean, classy but not a single bit stuffy.

I had the New Haven Pizza and it was amazing! I was a little worried about mashed potatoes on a pizza but my curiosity made me do it. It was delicious!

I think it is some of the best pizza I have had in this town.

I say try the NEW HAVEN iyou will be glad you did it!

Wow!  My husband had the veggie pizza waiting when I got home from work.  He picked it up at the restaurant and said the place was clean and the woman helping him was very friendly.  This is the best pizza I have ever tasted.  Each bite had a different flavor of fresh garlic and mushrooms, juicy tomatoes and delicious olives.  We will definitely be back!