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DP Cheesesteaks

1665 W. Towne Center Drive, South Jordan, 84095
DP stands for “Downtown Philly,” and a DP cheesesteak is on par with the best that The City of Brotherly Love has to offer. What makes DP’s Utah’s cheesesteak champ? First, a DP cheesesteak starts out with sliced-to-order rib-eye steak, just like the big boys. Second, you can get a DP cheesesteak slathered with Cheez Whiz (there’s also American or Provolone for wimps), just like you would in Philly. Third is the bread. It’s true, there’s no substitute for the Amoroso rolls used for cheesesteaks in Philly. However, the Stoneground Bakery rolls used at DP Cheesesteaks are awfully goodóa bit denser and more rustic than Amoroso’s, but excellent nonetheless. And DP stuffs those rolls to the hilt with perfectly grilled and chopped steak. If you’ve ever had a Jim’s cheesesteak from Philly’s South Street and loved it, then you’re also gonna love DP’s.
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DPcheesesteaks is good, but very much unlike philadelphia cheesesteaks. There is twice as much meat, half as much cheese, which in my two times there was very short on the whiz, and partially melted provolone. No genos, pats, or jims steak needs a sauce, and these sandwiches from DP are dry and the bread is thick. You need the sauce they are offering ( and which a sign says, take only one, because people are taking too many), because you need something to help you swallow these things. 

A real philly steak is going to drip a little, or at least require a napkin. No napkin necessary here. 

Its a fine steak sandwhich, its relation to philadelphia is dubious

As City Weekly puts it, it's "Utah's Cheesesteak Champ" for sure! I've lived in PA for 26 years and been waiting for a place like this to pop up in Utah. The cheese just oozes through the sandwiches and the whiz is sure to make your heart stop! Best feeling in the world. I've had a few good cheesesteaks in Utah, but DP takes the cake. Thanks guys.