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Five Guys Burgers and Fries

2917 S. Glen Eagles Dr, West Valley, 84018
When Five Guys says “Burgers and Fries,” they mean burgers and fries. Burgers and fries make up the entire menu, except for hot dogs and a grilled cheese or veggie sandwich. The standard Five Guys burger is two 3.3-ounce patties piled atop one another, with a choice of some 15 free toppings and served on a standard baked bun. The burgers actually taste like meat—what a burger you’d make from scratch at home might taste like. According to Five Guys, they use only fresh 80/20 ground beef that’s never frozen and serve it on fresh baked buns. Five Guys also serves up terrific tasting fries made from skin-on Russet taters, cooked in peanut oil. Speaking of peanuts, there are free peanuts to nibble on while you wait for your burger.
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Thick juicy patties and fresh toppings make five guys my favorite burger. I've been around the world and there are only a few no frills burger joints I've been to that match five guys.  Crispy bacon that doesn't pull out the rest of your toppings, crisp pickles, sweet grilled onions, grilled musrooms are just a few of the 15 toppings available all free of additional charge.  

Then there's the fries. Crispy, delicious, skin on and made from only idaho potatoes and peanut oil- these fries deliver in a big way.  dump em in the bottom of the bag, fold above the fry line, and tear.  regular will feed two, large 3.  unless your severely hungry.  

At five guys it's all about the little things.  free peanuts to eat while you wait, potato sack pallet decor, and even the most logical burger locating number system ever designed.  It ensures that when you open your tin foil ball of delight, you know with confidence that this is your burger.  No one elses, your perfect burger.  Lay your eyes on it, savor the moment and then dive into disorienting vortex of totally juicy burgerdom.  Its a total sensory assault, a symphony of flavors, new life will breath into your taste buds with every tantalizing bite.  Each munch reveals a new layer of taste and texture. Warm tender beef, crisp lettuce, carmelized grilled onions, the audible crunch of delicate, intoxicating bacon.  


But so the journey must end, but it always seems that the last bite gives you a full lateral visibility of all of the original ingredients; thus this burger lives on.  It closes with a final stand reminding you not of the end of such a pleasant crusade, but of promise of burgers yet to come.  Five Guys Burger's & Fries has succeeded in creating the one truly seamless burger eating experience.