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Wing Nutz

11580 S. District Main Drive, South Jordan, 84095
What makes Wing Nutz different from other wings joints? These chicken wings are baked, not fried. Try them with a choice of more than a dozen sauces, including Jamaican jerk, chipotle barbecue, Carolina mustard, lemon hotties, spicy peanut ginger and chili garlic. Wraps and salads are also featured, along with buffalo chips and Wing Nutz’s “famous” hog wings. There is a nice selection of Uinta beers and imports. It’s also a great place to watch sports on TV, with NFL Sunday Ticket and NBA League Pass.
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The service was really poor. The seat yourself didn't work well at all. After waiting for 5 minutes for the table we were standing by to be cleared, waited another 10 minutes before the waitress took our food order, then 35 minutes for a 2 small baskets of wings, after finishing the wings then our tiny basket of buffalo chips arrived. All of this wouldn't have been too bad if the wings would have been good, but they weren't. Ordered the traditional wings and the raspberry chipolte and there was NO flavor. My least favorite of all stand alone wing restraunts.

It's unfortunate that you had anything less than a great experience at WingNutz. My first time to WingNutz my whole family was fighting me on even walking through the door but once we did... Wow! We could not believe how increadible the wings were. I had the Choptle Lime, which is one of their specialty sauces and the Southern Hotties ROCK! In addition, the beer was fresh & nice and cold. The selection couldn't be better. The only time service was slow was my first visit, the first month they opened. Since, the service has been stellar! I absolutely love this place. I hope they open more around the valley. Jesse

My husband and I also had terrible service here. Since we had never been there we asked our waitress what was good she said “Wings are good”… well duh that’s why we came to a place called wing nutz! We wanted to know what combination of sauce was popular or her favorite.  My husband wanted a beer, he asked her what types they had she responded “Well what do you like because there are like 13 or them I don’t want to list them off” The food was good but we were both so thirsty! My water was not filled after I had finished the first one and my husband was not asked if he needed another beer or even water. When eating hot wings a drink refill would be great. The atmosphere seemed great and the food was good but I would not go back due to the poor service.  

Called in an order for takout, the small party platter ($43.13) and the girl on the phone was less than helpful. She suggested I call back about 15 min before we planned on picking them up since as in her words, "we are having a shift change and there's the possibility that you order will get lost or someone will forget about it." OK? That means that since we are going to a party I'll have to call while I'm driving since we live about 45 minutes away. When asked how big the veggie tray is she said, "It's pretty big." After further questioning her I foud out it serves about 2-3 people, that's not very big, I never did get out of her what was on the veggie tray, I would assume her response would have been "veggies" anyways. Hope the food is better than the phone service.

This was the Ogden location. Called in the order 20 minutes before we were going to be there. Got a much nicer girl on the phone this time who said she would hold the order for about 5 minutes so they would be hot when we got there. Unfortunately there was a mixup and we weren't able to just run in and pick them up and go. I was given the wrong ticket, then after many confused looks from the cooks in the back I was told it was going to be about 6 more minutes. So me and a friend sat at the bar and had a beer while we waited, the rest of the party finaly came in from waiting in the car. Then after the 6 minutes or so we were told it would be another 5 minutes. The server was nice about it and told us they took off $10 which covered our 3.95 beers. We loved the chili garlic and raspberry chipotle wings, didn't like the curry ones so much. The wings were dry after they had sat for about an hour but maybe that's just what happens to wings when they are sitting out at a party. Oh and the veggie tray included: broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, celery, black olives, tangy baby pickles and blue cheese and ranch dressing. I'd say each one fed about 3 hungry people. But at $6 a pop I will make my own next time.

The wings are definitley tasty, but the service is TERRIBLE.  The staff there need a lesson in hospitality and the management needs the boot!  Table of 10, ordered wings, buffalo chips, beer.  The waitress came back 3 times to ask what we ordered and still screwed it up.  Just like the other post, buffalo chips came out just as we were finishing our wings.  Another waitress charged a card from mulitple tickets.  It wasn't even busy!  Train your people!  Management, would not reverse the charges from multiple tickets.  Stear clear from this place, needs a big overhaul for some of us to go back..

My wife and I went to Wingnutz, it was just ok, the only flavor the wings had was the sauce, they were dry. Wingers is still the best, we won't be back, once you find a good place for wings stick to it.


I have had wings all over the country i dont understand some of these reviews! i have never had better wings in my life the wings and the choices in sauses couldnt of been better the service was great!! every one was very friendly! my drinks were always full and my food was hot! AWESOME PLACE!!!!!!

Ogden Location: Me and my brother stopped to drink beer here and watch sports. The music was nice and the girl at the bar was hot. We got drunk and had a great time. I'll be back on tuesday.


I LOVE THIS PLACE (better than Wingers).  The fun and relaxing atmosphere make it worth going to.  Yes sometimes it takes a while to get your food but they cook as ordered and if you go to the website it tells you how it is cooked and thus explains why it can be slow (and why they are healthier for you than others).  Not that I have had a big problem with the service (sometimes better than others) my suggestion would be that they assign tables rather than everyone working all of the tables.  It makes the person serving you more responsive and more likely to do a better job with refills and getting your food delivered to you in a timely manner.

You know what special about baked wings? Nothing. Wing Nutz wings are not crisp and are flavorless. My husband and I have given Wing Nutz more than one chance and each time, disappointment. No matter which location we choose the service is always terrible whether we go in or order out. For a small order it is way too expensive. Last time we got chili garlic (mild) and chipotle lime (hot) not only was there NO difference in the heat we couldn't even tell which was which. Totally flavorless.  Do your self a favor if you want a great wing drive an extra 15 minutes past Draper to American Fork and have Rocky Mtn. Wing Shack!