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Vegetarian FriendlyKid FriendlyTakeoutServes BeerAccept Credit Cards$ - Inexpensive

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Este Pizzeria

156 E. 200 South, Salt Lake City, 84101
If you’re looking for authentic New York-style pizza—the kind you can buy in The Big Apple by the slice—look no further than Este. Owner/operater Dave Heiblim, a diehard New York Yankees fan, keeps a season-long Red Sox vs. Yankees tally behind the counter. But pay attention, as there are strict house rules at Este: no Red Sox apparel allowed, no ranch sauce for dipping and no pineapple on your pizza. If the superb pizza isn’t enough, Este also offers killer calzones, spectacular stromboli and bodacious Buffalo wings. You can wash it all down with beer and wine or green tea.
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Ugh. TERRIBLE experience. Apparently I'm not hipster enough to be served when it's my turn in line. The cashier waved forward another customer behind me. I pointed out that I was ready to order and she DID take my order first but served the next two people behind me first. They ordered the same thing as me (cheese pizza) so it's not that they were still making what I ordered. I also tipped 50% so there is no excuse. I felt horrible and left on the verge of tears. I wont be going again.