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Club 90

9065 S. 150 West, Sandy, 84070

Tired of nightspots where you can’t find a chair on the weekend? That ain’t likely to happen here, where the sprawling, rental-friendly space allows for seating upwards of 450. Five bars open up to serve all those bodies on weekends, and the entertainment ranges from live music to wrestling. Or, play pool, foosball or darts in the game room.

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not so much fun hear, unless your 90 years old.. Not a person in sight that is my age. not to mention its smells like a old smokey laundry room..Stay away from this dump.......... 

All people are welcome here, Bikers, Cowboys, Metal heads ect as long as you respect others around you. This is one of the only Clubs left in Utah that women are safe and can enjoy themselves without being assaulted and harassed. I.E. one Security unlike all the other clubs that attract trash and have a minimum of 3 bouncers or gang members to control the club.

If you like upscale real clientel who accept everyone go to 90, if you want ghetto or fake people there are other places for you.

P.S. this establishment has the most Honest staff I have seen here. And if you need help with a charity event, just ask the management.

The sounds of this person is that "IT" wants a little girl with new silicone who pads their tab and might get a drink to them once in a while.

The club is remodeling and the only face lift needed is self centered and demanding people that need to go.

If you don't like an "Honest" upscale and friendly staff, go home or find a ghetto bar and stay out of this CLUB.

The staff does "NOT" revolve around one person who thinks that they should be catered to, they take care of everyone.

LOL, nice try Sarge( a forty year old that still lives with his parents). Stay over at the 90, you dont tip or spend any money at any bar you go to. All you do is complaine about everything.. Not to mention geting kicked out of Allure for taking pictures of women with your phone under there dress when they wasnt looking.. Pervert, Dont blame them for not allowiing you to come back in after that.Its your own fault..
Hey Sarge, you got kicked out of most clubs for taking pictures under womens skirts. Dont be mad at anyone but yourself,Loser.