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Lumpy's South

8925 S. 255 West, Sandy, 84070
If you really want to get sandy in Sandy, why not spend a summer evening on the 4,000-square-foot outdoor patio at this nightclub equipped with multi-colored fire pits for cozy socializing? Inside, since Allure became Lumpy's South August 2012, there is more of a sports-bar theme, with a bevy of flat-screen TVs. But you can still dance to the sounds of a DJ spinning your favorite cuts, compete in karaoke or play a game of pool.
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I go to this club pretty regularly and always have a great time there.  The drinks are reasonably priced and the club *looks* like a place you'd want to go, as opposed to alot of the other places in SLC, especially those in that end of the valley.

I recommend this place if you're looking to have a good time and meet new people.  Weekends are very busy while other days are more laid back.

Okay, so I tend to go to a lot of bars. I like to play poker, watch football, meet new people, dance, sing karaoke, play pool and have a good time. Being that I also have a full time job, I make it a policy not to drink on weeknights, and I'm generally the DD for 3-4 other people. I find most bars appreciate this, as my friends drink more because they don't have to drive. Club Allure is the one exception I have found in a long time. We went last night for a few games of cards and some football and found that THEY CHARGE FOR WATER and soda. They refuse to serve ice water from the tap and if you just want something to drink for the four or five hours you're going to hang out with your buddies who are spending money, you have to buy a $2 bottle of water or a $3 soda. When I tried to explain that this is a stupid policy, they assured me that they provide free tap water on weekends. SERIOUSLY?!?!? Get a clue! You're not as high class as you want to be and you never will be with policies that cause your customers frustration.

Due to your silly, greedy, cheapskate policies, me and my car full of drinking buddies will never be back. So here's your tip:

4 customers x 1 beer an hour x 4 hours = 16 beers @ $3-5 per beer = $48 x 3 times per week = a minimum of $144 per week and $576 per month that you are now missing out on because you're too cheap to give me tap water.


and p.s. the VIP area?!?! are you joking??? I bet Justin Timberlake has a great time hanging out at your ghetto fab palace on a saturday night.


Sorry you think this way, The VIP you call silly just had Bridget Marqurdt sitting in it.. And they just posted that Jesse Metcalfe(desperate housewives) will be there soon as well.. SO you can take your cheap ass to some other club and soak up the cocktail waitress time with water, when she has a job too do. And did you ever tip a worker for water? hell no.....Or better yet stay home with your friends and watch tv while the rest of us have fun at allure or any other club.. I dont believe your $450 dollars will hurt the club anyhow dude...
$50 a night would be your typical tab for four guys in four hours? HA! Not possible. One bottle of beer an hour? Going to a club and expecting free water when that's the only thing you're drinking all night is ridiculous and is only exceeded in stupidity by your review. Sure, you can get away with that at most pubs in town but trust me, the waitstaff thinks you're a dumbarse...not a cool DD. Instead of you and your friends going out to clubs THREE times a week (sure), take my advice and buy a six of Keystone Light and play cards at that two bedroom apartment you and your three roommates share.

WOW, thats all i can say about this club....I went to see Bridget Marquardt on Thursday night.. I dont live near the place but I will be back to this club every chance I get.  I thought it would be like every other club in the vally untill I got in.. The place is amazing and to meet a celebrity is off the hook.....AWASOME!!!...all i can say to the other clubs in SaltLake is you missed the boat,, look at the dance floor it lights up and is interactive.. Great place , nice staff and reasonable drinks...two thumbs up. And thanks Troy for bringing in Bridget........

As a person new to Utah, I'm always looking for a new joint to visit or a new place to eat on the weekends. In my opinion Club Allure was cool. We had a few drinks at a buddy's house figuring out where we would venture to... Allure was closest so we checked it out. Was a bit of a line when we got there but it didn't take long untill we hit the first bar in sight, grabbed a drink and were off to party. The girls were hot. I was impressed. Everybody was dressed well - the girls looked sexy. Couldn't believe how big of a club it was, went over and started off with a little pool. The dance floor was rockin and the light up floor was pretty awesome so went out for a little boogie! Don't see that very often. And the patio kicked ass, hung out at the firepit for a while meeting some cool people... Pretty chill out on the patio. I was diggin it. Went in for some more dancing with a girl I met at the pit. She wanted to sing Karaoke so i did my best singing with her. Was feeling no pain so the karaoke sounded like a couple American Idol winners as far as I'm concerned! Went back outside. They closed the patio at one o'clock so me and my new friend went and got some breakfast and had a good rest of the night. The staff all seemed like they were having fun at their job. Everybody was really cool to me. Didn't have any problems with dress code but I dress nice to go out to the club. A lot of clubs make you tuck in your shirt, dress shoes, no hat's etc... If they didn't let someone in because they didn't meet dress code well go back home take a shower and put on something nice. Otherwise, go to your local dive bar. it's that simple. Yah, I would totally take a friend if they've never been. It was a great night for me! I'll definitely be back!! Probably this next Saturday as a matter of fact... Down town is fun but it's a drive. Might have to check out that party bus thing as well. Cheers and Be safe out there!