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Rim Rock Patio

2523 E Hwy 24, Torrey, 84775
For locals and frequent out-of-town adventurers, the Rim Rock Patio is more than just a pit stop between Salt Lake City and Capitol Reef. Located on a scenic, sprawling 120-acre ranch in Torrey, Utah, the modest-sized café offers a low-key version of its sister restaurant’s gourmet menu, with tasty pizza pies taking center stage—that is, when touring bands or local musicians aren’t stealing the spotlight. In warmer weather, performers play outside before a breathtaking red-rock back drop. Have a seat, and one of the employees will bring you a pitcher on her trademark roller skates. During the winter—when Torrey largely shuts down—featured acts set up inside for intimate gigs. Keep an eye out for future shows. If you’re lucky, singer/songwriters David Williams, Wendy Ohlwiler or one of their many contemporaries will make an appearance.
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We arrived on a holiday weekend.  The place was busy, but not overly so.  Although advertised to us as a "sports bar," the single satellite TV feed was tuned into a cartoon channel.  After 20 minutes of not being able to catch the attention of one of the two servers/cashiers, we approached them.  She told us to be patient.  We waited at our table, littered with pizza bits and other items from prior customers.  After another 15 minutes, we again approached the cashier to try to order.  Again, after waiting for the cashier to clear the till (a lengthy process), we were rebuked.  We would have left had there been an easy alternative in the area.  Finally, after yet another attempt by us, in another 10 minutes, the cashier took our order and we paid for the meal.   We asked if our table could be cleaned and was handed a dirty rag for us to do it.  After returning to our table, we lost track of time conversing about the day we had and then realized, another 20 minutes had gone by without even getting the drinks.  One of our party went to the cashier, and after not getting assistance, went behind the bar and got the drinks we paid for.  When the food arrived (again late), one of our party's meal was forgotten. 
We understood that it was a very casual place in a rural setting, but the total lack of service was aggravated by the rude attitude of the staff.  To be blunt, we were treated as if we were unwelcome.  Listening to the comments of other diners, some of whom left without service, our experience was not unique.   Hopefully, the staff simply had a bad night.  But, we won't be going back for second chance.