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Big Cottonwood Canyon Park and Ride

7200 South and Wasatch Blvd, Salt Lake City, 84109
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I received an assignment from the USGS of Salt Lake City to work on a number of their computer systems. While on the job, my wife and family stopped by this park to enjoy a nice cool breeze and let my children stretch out.

What we didn't realize however is that the park we had chosen was in the middle of a neighborhood that didn't want anyone in their park that was not 'their kind'. So while I was at work, when my wife drove our older model RV to the park to let the children play, one resident harassed my 7 year old son and threatened to have the police 'ticket' him, and another harassed my Hispanic wife and 'suggested' that she was there to 'camp out' in their park.  They they stayed most of the day time, they never 'camped'.

Other than the ignorant snobs, this park is absolutely beautiful, out of the way, and has a strange way of bringing in a cool shady breeze on a hot summer day. The residents here however should be ashamed of themselves for harassing little kids and 'out of class minorities'