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Millie's Burgers

2092 S. 1000 East, Salt Lake City, 84105
There's no frills and no fuss, just tasty burgers and more than 30 different shakes at the unique Sugarhouse eatery. The shakes at Millie's are, literally over the top and the burgers are a throwback to the days of mom and pop burgers joints, where the hamburgers actually tasted like beef. The fries are made from hand-cut potatoes and the fried zucchini sticks are addictive. The cheap prices and fast service are just an added bonus at this little slice of Americana.
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My wife and i have been going to millies for well over 2 years now loved the burgers fries and shakes  (loved) I went down to millie's tonight didn't get offered a receipt I was told it was 18 dollars for 2 burgers no fries and 2 cheesecake shakes that neither the burgers or shakes are edible nor even tasty the cashier girls where all gossiping  the cook looked like a 14 year old boy and wasn't even paying attention to what he was doing. I'm honestly disappointed !!  What happened the the real mom and pop shop that we used to love we will not be going back to Millie's unless i see a dire change in food preparation, respect, and professionalism!!  Millie's if you CAN ?? Prove me wrong !!!!