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Free Wheeler Pizza

150 S. 400 East, Salt Lake City, 84111
Back in November of 1977, before any of the major pizza chains took a foothold in Salt Lake City, locally owned Free Wheeler Pizza began offering delivery in the Wasatch Valley. Offering such unique items as garlic rolls (truly world famous) made Free Wheeler an instant hit. All Free Wheeler pizzas are hand-tossed and made to order with your choice of either authentic sourdough white or sourdough wheat pizza crusts. College students, young families, and long-time natives alike started calling in for some of the city’s best - and for a long time, only - pizza delivery. Today, Free Wheeler makes great pizzas with more than 50 toppings to choose from, plus 24-hour delivery on weekends. In addition to pizza, Free Wheeler also serves calzones, lasagna, sourdough subs, salad, Ben & Jerry's ice cream and more.
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Everyone reading reviews on Free Wheeler Pizza needs to be aware that there is a methodical attempt on the part of a small group to defame and discredit Free Wheeler Pizza.  They have posted at least 10 similar reviews on 4 different review sites, several of them being word-for-word identical, using 10 different names.  Beware of vindictive people posing as legitimate unhappy customers hiding behind the anonymity of the internet.

Please, use your own judgement.  If you are the slightest bit likely to be swayed by these reviews, take the time to go down there a see for yourself.  These accusations are so blatant that if they are true at all you would be able to tell the second you walked in the door, and certainly if you took a minute or two to talk to the people down there.  You wouldn't even have to buy anything, just look around and see for yourself.

Don't let these petty so called reviewers who haven't even lived in the state for over a decade keep you from finding out for yourself.

Thanks, and any time you read reviews keep in mind that they could be the lies of someone who has a vested interest in misleading readers, whether for the sake of defaming a business or promoting it.  Even positive reviews are subject to question, which is why I suggest checking for yourself.

Max, you have been proven wrong, despite all your attempts to discredit and muddy the waters with questions of identity and intention. The SL County Health Department's last inspection confirms what many have been saying for quite some time. I hope City Weekly's readers finally know the truth from an impeccably reliable source, other than youself. Here is the link to their report...
Kickhole: Identity and intention are easy to prove which is why your latest onslaught of false reviews have been removed. Even got one removed just a few moments ago. As for your attempts to scare people away with links to health inspection reports, I actually took the time to contact the SL County Health Department. They informed me that, due to the (in)frequency of the inspections, which take place about once every 9-12 months, Free Wheeler Pizza is considered a low risk establishment. Inspections that are more frequent, or where more drastic action is taken on the part of the health department would be more cause for concern. I hope the readers of city weekly will finally realize the truth behind these false reviews posted by disgruntled, grudge holding ex employees one of whom used to work as a music reviewer for this publication. Sad what that person has been reduced to.
Yes, it's truly sad the lengths this Dennis character will go to attempt to defame a place he worked at 10 years ago.. A place, by the way, that he got fired from for acting violent and belligerent towards coworkers and customers.
I honestly can't imagine how petty and full of hate you would have to be to hold a grudge that long and to systematically strategize your revenge on a place you left over a decade ago.
Yes, it's truly sad the lengths this Dennis character will go to attempt to defame a place he worked at 10 years ago.. A place, by the way, that he got fired from for acting violent and belligerent towards coworkers and customers.

0 STARS!!!

Free Wheeler Pizza is just a terrible place and product to eat!  It\'s alternately soggy (toppings)  and overcooked (cheese & crust) that will leave your appetite in an uproar.  In addition, it is one of the most third-world looking pizza places ever!  Go in and see for yourself.  It\'s like a bomb of flour, pizza sauce, and dirty clothes exploded.  I ordered it once and had some at a friend\'s house party as well...let\'s just say we all have bad days.  Free Wheeler has many--and many in a row it seems.  I\'ve never heard a real person say they liked this pizza.

He\'s back under a different alias. Of course, no mention is made on whether this person tried to get any compensation. Every time Free Wheeler runs across one of these obviously fake reviews, we invite the user to email us with the details of their order to get a refund by cashier\'s check. Not one has taken us up on the offer. Furthermore, one reviewer even went so far as to accuse us of intimidation to try to get them to change their review, a response I had predicted along with: \"Too little too late\", \"It\'s not the money, it\'s the principle\" and \"Quit trying to buy me off.\".\nEach one of these so called reviews is penned by one or more ex employees all living is California; all working together to defame Free Wheeler Pizza by masquerading as unhappy customers. Before these people embarked on their campaign, the reviews were infrequent and for the most part favorable. Fortunately most of their reviews have been removed or filtered on the more reputable review sites. I daresay kickhole has not been within 769 miles of Free Wheeler Pizza. But keep it up guys. We\'re awaiting the next work of fiction.
Awaiting the fake, indignant response.

Eh, it was ok, pretty boring really. The atmosphere was unimpressive and the service was not overly friendly but the food...meh. We ordered the salad, which was probably the highlight, and the ziggie sticks to start. The sticks were average at best and not flavorful. We then ordered two pizzas--the vegi and the big wheel with extra cheese. Both pizzas were sort of disappointing. They weren\'t the worst, but there was just so much hype from free wheeler and the end product simply didn\'t live up to it. With so many other great pizza places in SLC, I probably won\'t be back unless I get the late night munchies and I don\'t care what I\'m eating.


WILL NEVER ORDER FROM HERE AGAIN!!! I ordered to be delivered at 11:30 for a company lunch. I called to confirm the order the night before. They assured me that it woudl be on time or half off--great deal I thought. The pizza was late and when I called at 11:45 explaining we only get a half an hour for lunch and considering I placed the order a day before, I wouldn't have expected them to be late. The employee told me that the driver already left. I asked him to check for me and he said the driver would be at my location soon and that they had a lot of people ordering all at once. Tough, I said. When the delivery driver finally showed up with 15 minutes left for our lunch, i asked about the guaranteed discount.. He then hands me the phone and the fwp employee on the other line says 10% off. Are you kidding me? I talked to Don Murray the owner and hre refused to budge on the discount. I told them to send them back, minus the one pizza the crew had started eating. Geeez! Promises me half off to get my business and then fails to deliver! BTW, the one pizza we ate was horrible and cold and just amateurish! This dude made me look bad in front of my coworkers and then couldn't even make it right. goodbye forever!

Imagine this person's surprise when they return here to check on the status of their review or under a different alias to post yet another fake review. No doubt they will feign incredulity. Giving the publisher a heads up.

We order from FreeWheeler all the time. Great pizza, great downtown location....Ziggy stix are the best. And the pizza is even better the next day...crust is crispy after just a few minutes in the oven cheese so melty and delicious...and the marinra has that hint of sweetness that pairs wonderfully with the toppings....waiting on a pizza right now...drooling all over myself.