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Los Coyotes

4090 W. 5415 South #116, Kearns, 84118
Families, couples & single diners sit amidst Diego Rivera-color schemed walls at Los Coyotes, enjoying savory enchiladas and homemade beans, and listening for the occasional strum of mariachi guitar. Enjoy authentic south-of-the-border fare, including burritos, tacos, seafood dishes (mariscos), chile verde and more.
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I purchased a voucher for Los Coyotes today. I took my wife, two children and two grandchildren out for my wife's birthday dinner. We purchased 2 chef's specials for $9.99 each, a cheese quesadilla with rice and beans for 6.99 and two children's quesadilla's for $4.50 each.  When I added up the bill I got $35.97 plus tax $2.52 for a total of  $38.49 plus 5.78 cents for a tip.  I figured that with the $15.00 off voucher my dinner should have cost me $29.27 with tax and then $5.78 for the tip for a total of $35.05.  However when I got the bill  and added the tip it came to almost $40.00. I was upset and when I got home I called them to go over the bill again. They said that I would have to spend over $15.00 to get the $7.50 off. I told them that I already spend $7.50 to buy the voucher and how did they figure that I had gotten $7.50 off when I had already paid that much for the voucher.  This is not deal. It is a rip off. The food is ok, the service is poor and the value is not present.  You get the same cost for the meal with or without a voucher, there is no discount and no difference if had paid for the entire meal without a voucher. There are better places to eat, with more attentive staff who treat you special and are honest.

los coyotes restaurant. please contac los coyotes restaurant at 801-968-4455 during our business hours from 8:00 am to 3:30 pm monday true friday we will give you a free meal. or yours $750 dollars back we are sorry for the missing understand with our waiters. thankyou for choose los coyotes restaurant att.los coyotes restaurant general management.