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David's Kitchen

45 W. 3300 South , Salt Lake City, 84115
David’s Kitchen serves homestyle Chinese cuisine, cooked up by owner and chef David Fei, who will probably also greet you at the door. The small restaurant is adorned with paper lanterns and Chinese prints, and the menu ranges from housemade Chinese dumplings (potstickers) to Peking duck. Some other favorite options include walnut shrimp, General Chu’s chicken, sweet & sour pork and cashew chicken. Lunch specials include Mongolian beef, royal shrimp, lemon chicken and Sichuan pork, and come with soup and fried rice.
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Worst Chinese ever!! We ordered the General Chu's chicken. The chicken was weird tasting, like it was thawed out too long and had almost gone bad before it was cooked. It was awful. The Kung Pao was no better. The only thing I ate was the Lo Mein, soaked in MSG of course, even though I asked and they said it wasn't. I should've known it was gonna be bad when the food showed up a minute after ordering it. If I had wanted Chinese fast food I would've gone to Panda Express, which is fine cuisine by comparison to this joint. On top of everything the server/cook had a serious attitude problem. $30 down the drain and a stomachache later, I warn you to stay away!