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Java Jo's

401 First Ave, Salt Lake City, 84103
This independently owned java joint in the Avenues neighborhood features top-notch coffee drinks along with yummy food options. The a frozen chai or iced mocha from the drive-thru with a fresh-made scone along side. The pumpkin scones are great. Smoothies rock the house here, too -- give the strawberry-banana smoothie a go with a blueberry muffin. The consistently great and friendly service -- there's even a carhop lane -- keeps smart Avenues customers coming back with frequency.
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The coffee drinks are excellent. My problem with this business is the way customers are treated as just another car to serve. This came home to me the other day after I stopped by Starbucks and could contrast how they treat me as opposed to Java Jo's. I had been going to Java Jo's for over two years on a near daily basis, seeing the same employees each morning at 8 AM. You would think that, after two years of daily contact, they could remember something about me (e.g., my name, my drink, or the fact that I always order it with "bean, sleeve, no straw"). But no, they still have to ask me every day what I want, how I want it, and are still clueless as to my name. During this same two year time frame, I would stop by my previous regular Starbucks probably once every couple of weeks. They always still knew my name and favorite drink. Finally, one day, it dawned on me, "Why in the world am I continuing to give my money to a business with employees as obtuse as Java Jo's. I decided to return to where I'm viewed as a person with an identity instead of as a car with a fungible person inside.

I read the last review and I have had a completely different experience at Java Jo's.  I love this place.  The staff is great & the drinks are superior to those at Starbucks and Beans & Brews.  I frequent this establishment and they always remember my drink.  Sometimes they'll even have it ready for me when I reach the front of the line.  I even visit the other locations (less frequently) and they often remember my drink there, too.  Java Jo's is my one vice and I can't say enough good things about it!