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Caffe d'Bolla

249 E. 400 South, Salt Lake City, 84111
Caffe d’Bolla offers yummy lattes and rich espressos, and was founded by a husband & wife duo of coffee connoisseurs. They serve coffees that come from estates and farms around the world; all the beans are roasted to perfection onsite and in small batches to enhance the coffees’ unique flavors. You can even order your coffee siphon-brewed. If you’re not quite so coffee-crazed, try the Taiwanese bubble tea, which comes in fruity flavors like blueberry, mango and peach and has tapioca pearls on the bottom. All the ingredients are straight from Taiwan, making it an authentic and refreshing treat.
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If you feel like being treated like an walking ATM machine then come and get yourself a drink here. Their policy forbidding anyone to walk in who doesn't wish to purchase something, and won't allow you to stay with your friends even if they all bought drinks, is a mockery of the local coffee shop. This place is overpriced and mediocre, take your business to somewhere that cares about the purpose of a local meeting place, NOT CAFE D'bolla.

We value our customers greatly. In order to provide an exceptional cup, "We ask everyone who's staying to please make a purchase". We ask you for more than most coffee shops because we provide more than most coffee shops. Each drink is made by the cup to maintain quality and freshness, coffees are sourced from small farms and micro-regions and roasted on site in small batches to control quality. Thousands of hours have been spent perfecting our coffee and espresso so we can provide our customers something special. I'm sorry we did not have the opportunity to give you an exceptional cup.

Absolutely agree, "anywhere but Cafe d'bolla." I stopped by last night c. 6:30 after a long absence. I’d come across an old coupon in my purse that made me think of going by. It’s summer, and I’m in the mood for boba. From the first words out of the guy working the counter's mouth, he was rude because they “no longer take coupons” (said eye-rollingly, as if it was absurd, going on to point out how truuuuly old that coupon must be). Despite my annoyance at his rudeness, I got my boba and sat down with my husband and young daughter at one of the *four open tables to drink it for a few minutes before heading home. Within moments, he felt compelled to point out that “normally, we don’t like people to sit unless everyone has ordered something.” Um, you know what? We were going to be there three minutes, three other tables were open, and no one was waiting. I don’t know what idiotic assumptions he leapt to because I was so, so tacky as to come in with a coupon, but they should go ahead and fix that attitude right now. I have a lot of disposable income and had just decided to start visiting this business again. But he was such an extraordinary jerk, I will never go back. I have other places to spend my money where they don’t feel compelled to be a!&h%$#s toward customers.

Hey guys, give these guys some love! They work very hard to bring unique coffee and tea drinks to the city and to maintain their high quality of products! I've never known anyone else who knows that much about coffee and tea!
I first started going to Caffe D'Bolla for their bubble teas, which taste amazing! I think one of the owners is from Taiwan and she knows her bubble tea stuff!

A friend of mine told me he always went out of his way to get lattes and coffee beans at D'Bolla, so I thought I would give it a try, and I had become a fan... that was almost two years ago. They roast their own beans, which I really like, and they'll tell you what beans they're using that day, and what flavors you can look for in your drinks... I don't really understand all the time, but both my husband and I think these guys are super knowledgeable and amazing.

These days I have to stop by D'Bolla to get my fix at least couple times a week... and I don't live close. My favorite is the lychee bubble tea and their small latte. Can't have enough!

I travel a lot for my work. I frequent San Francisco, Seattle, and sometimes New York. I live down south in Orem, but outside of my work, the only thing that brings me downtown is Caffe D'bolla. 

I can count my life-changing coffee experiences on three fingers, and Caffe D'bolla accounts for two of them. They are honest about their passion, and sometimes that gets to people. But I taste a lifetime of commitment in every drink I have, and that is something that lacks in nearly every other coffeeshop I visit, which is why when I come in from the airport, it's the first place I stop before going home.

Most cities don't have a place like Caffe D'bolla, but count yourself fortunate; it's here in Salt Lake City.