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Joni's Deli

52 E. 1700 South, Salt Lake City, 84115
Joni’s Deli is the type of place you’ll wish were a chain just so there’d be more than one place to find this delicious food. Joni’s is a definite one-off; there’s just one Joni Sorenson, the deli’s namesake. While Joni’s traditional Philly cheesesteak is the stuff of legend, the chicken Philly is its modest, blushing cousin. Order it and be ready for a veritable bomb: a fresh-baked roll encasing grilled chicken and veggies topped off with melted cheese, all designed to explode in your mouth—and your hands, if you’re not careful. A lunch hour spent here cannot be deducted from your life (but it will be added on to your cholesterol).
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Great service and the best philly cheese steak I've ever had!

Just wanted to write about a little experience I wasn't expecting from a professional business...Today my boyfriend and I wanted to check Joni's Deli out for their cheesesteak. We love going around SLC finding a great cheesesteak. We were greeted by them pushing a vacuum out the door as we were trying to open it and getting an "I'm sorry, we are closed". After seeing their sign said the close at, I reached for my phone to see the time was 2:57. My boyfriend ask "Even at 2:57?" and we got the rude responds of "On a Friday, yes!" as they pulled out their cigarettes to smoke. They could have easily offered us take out but instead they turned away business, which I've always been taught is a big no-no.I've worked in the food service for two years and my boyfriend has for several years. I have never seen such unprofessional, rude work ethic from a business. Out of all the places that offer cheesesteaks, I WILL NOT be trying a cheesesteak Joni's Deli, customer service is #1 for me.