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Wasatch Broiler & Grill

4927 S. State, Murray, 84107
At the Wasatch Broiler & Grill they use the freshest, low calorie ingredients. The meats, poultry and fish are prepared in the most lean methods, with low-fat ingredients. The rice, potatoes and vegetables are either steamed or grilled and are seasoned sparingly with spices. The flame broiled, skinless poultry, meats and seafood are marinated for 24 hours in a special blend of vegetable juices and seasonings. Try the kabobs, fish entrees, steaks and chicken dishes.
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ABSOLUTELY the worst service that I have ever received at a restaurant. I have dined here many times and always expect crappy service as far as drink refills and courtesy, however my experience yesterday went beyond that. It's a seat yourself establishment. We picked our seat, they immediately came over and cleaned off our table and gave us menus. We sat for about 20 minutes until they took our drink order and the server was so quick to leave she didn't even hear our appetizer order. No hello, how are you today, sorry about the delay. We ordered the Grill it and Chill it. You personally pick out your veggies and they just grill it. So about an hour (and after practically begging for our appetizer) we took a look at the area where we placed our veggies and they were STILL sitting there! I was absolutely done by now. Told them to cancel my order. Unfortunately, the rest of my party wanted their food still (one pregnant gal so I can't blame her there). We waited another 15 minutes and they finally brought our food. We asked what they were going to do to  make up for the HORRIBLE service and the had the nerve to bring over a coupon for our next visit. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Do you seriously think we're coming back? They eventually comped the whole meal and then finally we get an apology, "We're so busy, someone called in sick..blah blah blah blah. Told them this is absolutely ridiculous and it amazes me they still have people dine there. I told her it's a good thing they have delicious food or their restaurant would be empty. Then to top it off, when we got back to the office, one of the meals was burnt! Never go. Thanks for reading!