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Brewvies Cinema Pub

677 S. 200 West, Salt Lake City, 84101

What could be better than this? You buy a movie ticket, put in an order for some drinks and snacks like chicken strips and sweet-potato fries (with housemade fry sauce) and kick back on a comfy couch or seat in the theater to enjoy one of the best combinations in the world--watching a movie on the big screen with booze that you didn’t have to sneak in. To show your support for SLC’s only cinema pub, sport one of the clever Brewvies T-shirts designed by bartender Robby Petrich, with references to movie favorites like A Clockwork Orange, Back to the Future and The Godfather.

Dining/club deals may be available for this establishment at the CW Store here.

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Please don't go to this unless you either: don't care about seeing the show or you've checked to make sure there is no movie playing in the same theater that ends at 6:55. This was the case on the Premiere night of Mad Men. Brewvies allowed a line to form that wrapped around the entire bar, not apologing or even alerting all the people in line to the fact that the movie theater we were all waiting for would not be available until 6:55 and then had to be cleaned before we could go in. Of course, the show started and the lucky ones at the end of the line were able to sort-of watch it on the TVs in the bar area with the sound turned up, but everyone at the front of the line had to miss the first 15 minutes. When we complained, the staff said, "What? it's free"

Exactly - it is free to watch this at home and all the people there decided rather than spending the night at home to watch this for free on their own TV, they would come in and spend $20 to $50 on beer and food at Brewvies while watching it. So to not make the slightest effort to plan the movie preceding the showing of Mad Men ended in time to ensure that these customers were able to order their beer and food and be sititing in the theater is just a slap in the face. They outright claimed they owed us nothing because they were not charging us to see Mad Men, when actually it's only my willingness to buy their bad food and not-cold-enough beer that sent me there in the first place because they were not offering anything I didn't have already or couldn't have acquired very easily.

Don't get sucked into this trap because you likely miss the beginning of the show and be stuck standing in line trying to eat & drinkg standing up, craning your neck and ears to hear the bar TV, awkwardly balancing your beer in one hand and your cold burger in the other.