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What is your opinion of Ute football now, big boy?

Alissa Wells: God made our blood red for a reason. He is a Ute fan, and I will be until the day I die no matter what their standings. GO UTES!

Josh Loftin: I’d offer the same sage advice that has helped Utah State fans for decades: Basketball season is just around the corner.

Kelly O’Hara: Still love the Utes but the only thing they have to play for now is bragging rights of beating BYU and then on to some crappy bowl game that nobody cares about. If they finish 11-2 that’s a good season, but with the way the system is set up it means nothing. Next year we will see if they really can hang with the big boys.

Scott Renshaw: The fact that anyone’s “opinion” matters at all is the one and only thing that sucks about college football. Set up a playoff system, and the results will be all that matters.

Dan Nailen: Same as it was before the Utes got their ass kicked—twice. They’re good but not great this year. And still better than BYU.

John Paul Brophy: Lose the “blackout” uniforms, despite the noble fundraising idea. The traditional home crimson—with the players’ names on their jerseys (all the better to know whom to throw to)—might have elicited a whole lot more spirit in our house.

Jesse Fruhwirth: I hope they’re taking their educations seriously.

Erik Daenitz: J Wynn can’t play with the big boys, and the secondary doesn’t know what they’re doing.

Nick Clark: God must be rooting for the Catholics ... and the Christians.

Rachel Piper: Still love the team and Coach Whit. Somewhat happier that I don’t have to deal with so many obnoxious fair-weather fans talking about how great the Utes are—they all left at halftime and never looked back. True fans don’t leave their team at halftime. If being a fan means that your team has to win every time, then go root for the Harlem Globetrotters.

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