Dark Horse

BoJack Horseman returns, tragicomic as ever; Looking says buh-bye.

School's In

Vice Principals takes Eastbound & Down to class; BrainDead isn't dead yet.

Law & Disorder

The Night Of takes on the (in)justice system; Mr. Robot is back for the re-hack.

Rock On

Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll is still dumb fun; Killjoys and Dark Matter return.
As Season 2 opens, Johnny Rock (Leary) and his Assassins bandmates react to the death of a fellow musician

Killer Queen

Queen of the South heats up USA; Roadies is out of tune.
Now let's see if USA's audience is ready for a Scarface/Blow/Narcos mashup fronted by a Latina.

Manson Family Values

Aquarius is back on Charles Manson's trail; American Gothic is more dim than dark.
Hodiak becomes caught up in another missing-girls case while still making time to snark at hippies

Summer TV 2016

[Most] Everything Debuting and Returning in June, July and August
Ride With Norman Reedus (AMC; Sunday, June 12) Series Debut: The Walking Dead star gets his own motorcycle road-trip series because AMC sure as hell wasn't going to tell him no.


Outcast brings the satanic scares; Feed the Beast arrives undercooked.
While the fanboys are nerd-raging against each other over the authenticity of AMC's Preacher, here comes another way-adult, based-on-a-comic-book property:

Fall Fails

What to "look forward to" this fall from the broadcast networks.
The majority of their proposed 2016-17 season new shows—a relative term, as there's nary a "new" idea among them—look to be complete garbage.

South of Heaven

Preacher makes a hell of a debut; Wayward Pines and Powers return.
Is the story of a touched-by-God boozehound Texas minister, his berserker ex-girlfriend, his sarcastic vampire pal.

Catch Up!

Watch the shows you were told to watch before, already.
All readily available in various on-demand forms?

Belly Laughs

Ali Wong delivers a Baby Cobra; Grace & Frankie and Chelsea are back.
The only column that matters.

Dark Shadows

Penny Dreadful is back and creepy; Person of Interest, and maybe Maron, begin the end.
Penny Dreadful Sunday, May 1 (Showtime) Season Premiere: Showtime's supernatural steampunk soap ... whew ... returns for Season 3 with Ethan (Josh Hartnett), Sir Malcolm (Timothy Dalton) and Dr. Frankenstein (Harry Treadaway) scattered about the globe, leaving a broken Vanessa (Eva Green) back in dreary old London with no one to confide in but an unorthodox therapist (Patti LuPone) and a sexy zoologist (Christian Camargo). For a dark fantasy series filled with vampires, witches and monsters, Penny Dreadful spools out plenty of deep character development and rich drama for players—particularly Vanessa; Green should be up for all of the awards—who could easily fall flat and camp-ridiculous.

Westeros Confidential

Game of Thrones is back; Mike & Molly are out.
Game of Thrones Sunday, April 24 (HBO) Season Premiere: What comprehensive information do I have on the Season 6 premiere of Game of Thrones? None.But what critical motivation do you need to watch it anyway?

Flesh & Clone

Orphan Black returns with multiplied tension; The Night Manager bests Bond.
Tense sci-fi soap Orphan Black has so much going within its clone-crowded narrative that the news of out-there musician Peaches appearing in Season 4, playing herself, barely even registers (in fact, it almost makes too much sense).

Are You Experienced?

The Girlfriend Experience takes sex seriously; Dice rolls snake eyes.
Series Debut: No Starz series has ever arrived with as much critic-melting Prestige Television pageantry as The Girlfriend Experience: The 13-episode series is produced by Steven Soderbergh (and based on his 2009 movie of the same name),

Hard Times

Banshee returns for one last brutal run; good riddance, American Idol.
Season Premiere: Anyone flinching at the hand-to-hand-combat brutality of Daredevil has never seen Banshee—which is probably most of you because, you know, Cinemax.

Love & Money

The Catch shakes up Shondaland; The Path is real cult TV.
The Catch, Flaked, Carpool Karaoke and more


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