The Two Stooges 

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After viewing the video of the destruction of the hoodoo in Goblin Valley, my only question was, where was Moe when all this was taking place?

Larry and Curly, aka Glenn and Dave, need to have the book thrown at them for this one: Glenn for intentional, malicious destruction of an ancient hoodoo formation, and Dave for being dumb enough to record and post the event on the Internet.

It was amazing to see how a person could exert such sheer brute force as to loosen and topple a formation millions of years old when they were as severely disabled as Glenn claims to be. I’m surprised he didn’t blow out his back or fill up his shorts with that exertion. It’s amazing what healing effects the dry, warm climate can have on a person.

Once the video was posted, they realized no one was going to experience the jubilation of the moment like they did. The excuse of “doing it for the children” rarely works even as an excuse for politicians to raise taxes anymore. There was a better chance for one of these two rotund gents to fall and smash a family or small city than this million-year-old hoodoo would fall and injury some unsuspecting child.

Hoodoo they think they’re fooling?

Salt Lake City

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